Tangjia Bay


Zhuhai City is a special economic zone near Hong Kong that is a resort area for Chinese tourists, and it is also a area where some people from nearby Hong Kong and Macau go for entertainment because the prices are lower. Tangjia Bay is in the northern part of Zhuhai. People like Zhuhai because of the warm weather and because it is less congested. Tangjia Bay is a working-class area where prices are generally lower, and there are attractions such as a park called Tangjia Public Garden, Qi Ao Island for ecological touring, mangrove groves, and the food.


The Tangjia Bay (唐家湾) area of Zhuhai (珠海市) is primarily known for its memorials and museums, its ecological areas and its food. University students and scientists know that the area is a university and scientific research zone in China. The lower prices for everything from food to a room may make it an economical place to visit compared to Hong Kong or Shenzhen.

Tangjia Public Garden

Another name for this park is “Paradise.” It was once the private garden of Tang Shaoyi who became the first prime minister of the Republic of China after the collapse of the Qing Empire in 1911 and 1912. It is on the coast, and there are flowers, trees and litchi trees there. Now it is a botanical garden.

Qi Ao Island

Qi Ao Island is a small island that is about 4 kilometers wide and 6 kilometers long. It has mangrove groves, and part of it is an ecological preserve. It is about 2 kilometers off the coast from Tangjia Town, and it can be reached via a bridge. Now its a tourist resort area with some historical monuments and some mounds of a stone-age people.

University and Research Zone

If you want to see Chinese colleges, Tangjia Bay has several campuses including Sun Yat-Sen University, Beijing Normal University and Beijing Polytechnic University. There are also the Tsinghua (Zhuhai) Science and Technology Park and the National Software Base. It is called the “University Park—Technological Innovation Beach” where scientific and technological research is being carried out.


Food costs less there because it is a university and working-class area. You can try the Tangjia Fold Stone Oyster Sauce, Nazhou Oyster Sauce, Yongfeng Yam Bean, Shangzha Broccolis and the Guantang Cassavas. Taste the delicious food and feel the rich university atmosphere. 

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To get to Tangjia Public Garden, you can take Bus 10 on Yingbin Dadao and get off at Tangjia Market (Tángjiāshìcháng). A taxi from Gǒngběi that is the main foreign tourist area of Zhuhai costs about 60 RMB or about 10 USD.  Here is Tangjia written in Chinese: 广东省珠海市唐家镇