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 Zhuhai Muslim Restaurants

Zhuhai Muslim Restaurants

Written by Candice SongUpdated Dec. 22, 2022

Xinyue Muslim Restaurant

Marinated Cold Cucumber marinated cold cucumber

The restaurant stands out for its traditional Muslim-style dishes in Zhuhai where the Cantonese-style restaurants are scattered. The real and appetizing Muslim-style dishes of the restaurant not only attract Muslim travelers but also local people. The restaurant is known for its ethnic decorations such as paintings with a strong flavor of real life in western regions. Moreover, the restaurant provides ethnic singing and dancing entertainment at noon or in the evening.

  • Chinese name: 新粤穆斯林餐厅 Xinyue Musilin Canting
  • Recommended dishes: mutton kebab (羊肉串), braised chicken with peppers and chilies (椒麻鸡), tower shaped cake (油塔子), Xinjiang-style braised lamb chops with naan bread (馕包肉), roast lamb chops (烤羊排), pomegranate juice (石榴汁), boiled lamb (手抓肉), fried lamb with cumin (孜然羊排), and marinated cold cucumber (手拍黄瓜).
  • Average price per person: 59 yuan
  • Opening hours: 10am–11pm
  • Address: 370 Lovers South Road, Jiuzhou Harbor, Xiangzhou District 香洲区九洲港情侣南路370号
  • Tel: 0756-3328246
  • Transportation: Take bus 3 or 3a, 4, 12, 23 or 25, and get off at Zhou Zai (洲仔).

Xinyue Muslim Restaurant Gongbei Branch

Like other Xinyue Muslim restaurants, this restaurant primarily serves delicious halal dishes. Furthermore, the Gongbei branch of the Xinyue Muslim Restaurant looks grand and luxurious in a Muslim style after its improvement. The restaurant, with its new decorations, provides a comfortable dining ambience through its unique ethnic carpet, tasteful tables and chairs, bright French windows, and new colored crystal chandeliers. The restaurant also provides a floor show that can be seen from both the hall and the private rooms.

  • Chinese name: 新粤穆斯林拱北店 Xinyue Musilin Gongbeidian
  • Recommended dishes: roast lamb chops (烤羊排), roast fish (烤鱼), boiled lamb (手抓羊肉), sautéed bitter gourd with egg (苦瓜炒蛋), and Xinjiang-style beer (新疆啤酒).
  • Average price per person: 56 yuan
  • Address: 1013 West Road, Gongbeijiuzhou Avenue, Xiangzhou District 香洲区拱北九州大道西路1013号
  • Tel: 0756-8156518
  • Transportation: Take bus 1, 2, 10 or 10a, 11, 32, 33 or 35, and get off at Beiling (北岭).

Firdaws Muslim-themed Restaurant

Firdaws Muslim-themed Restaurant, particularly notable for its beautiful Muslim-style gate, primarily serves authentically tasty halal dishes. The dishes provided here always have fine colors and flavors because the restaurant believes that the presentation of food is as important as the taste. The restaurant's soft yellow pendent lamps and simple but neat tables and chairs, provide a comfortable dining atmosphere. Moreover, guests who have dinner here can enjoy a Xinjiang-style floor show in the evening.

  • Chinese name: 法尔杜丝穆斯林主题餐厅 Faerdusi Muslin Zhuti Canting
  • Recommended dishes: Xinjiang-style braised chicken (新疆大盘鸡), mutton kebab (羊肉串), deep-fried lamb chops with minced garlic (蒜香羊排), sautéed mutton with peppers and chilies (麻辣羊肉), fish head soup with tofu (鱼头豆腐汤), bean jelly in a spicy and sour sauce (酸辣凉粉) and lamb sweetbread soup (羊杂汤).
  • Average price per person: 60 yuan
  • Opening hours: 11am–9pm
  • Address: 223 Osmanthus North Road, Xiangzhou District 香洲区桂花北路223号
  • Tel: 0756-8599919
  • Transportation: Take bus 13, 62 or 69, and get off at Lan Pu Dong (兰埔东).

Star and Moon Muslim Restaurant

The Star and Moon Muslim Restaurant looks common but it is popular for its great and cheap Muslim-style dishes. Guests are attracted to the dishes that are cooked with special ingredients. The restaurant is decorated simply but its warm and considerate service makes a strong impression on guests.

  • Chinese name: 法尔杜丝穆斯林主题餐厅 Faerdusi Muslin Zhuti Canting
  • Recommended dishes: handmade noodles with mutton (羊肉面), tomatoes with sugar (糖拌西红柿), mutton kebab (羊肉串), chaomian (炒面), roast lamb chops (烤羊排), sautéed lamb kidneys (炒腰子), Xinjiang-style braised chicken (大盘鸡), and grilled naan bread (烤馕).
  • Average price per person: 53 yuan
  • Opening hours: 11am–9pm
  • Address: 1263 East Road, Gongbeijiuzhou Avenue, Xiangzhou District 香洲区拱北九洲大道东1263号
  • Tel: 0756-3339003
  • Transportation: Take bus 3 or 3a, 12 or 21, and get off at Jiaohang Dasha (Bank of Communication Mansion/交行大厦).
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