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Shizhang Cave Waterfall

Shizhang Cave Waterfall
Shizhang Cave Waterfall is as grand as the Huangguoshu Waterfall. It is 76 meters high and 80 meters wide. It is 8 meters higher than the Huangguoshu Waterfall and only 1 meter narrower than it. Thus, it is regarded to be one of the waterfall wonders in China. Liu Haisu, a painting expert, personified it as"the Beautiful Woman in the Valley"Experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences value it as the"Wonderful Danxia Landform Waterfall"

Water pours down a precipice like 1000 horses running. Within a few hundred meters is a misty spray. Sometimes you can see the wonderful and surprising "Buddha Halo," a moving ring of water. Around the falls are lush trees, and it is green all year around. There are tree fern groves. On the way to the waterfall is a waterfall made by generating electricity and a"Hallow Waterfall"

The Hallow Waterfall
The Hallow Waterfall is on the road from Lianghe Kou to Shizhang Cave. It is about 2 miles from the Shizhang Cave Waterfall. It is 18.5 meters high and 75.6 meters wide. Looking in a distance, you may see a silver curtain hanging in the valley. The crystal water glitters in the sun. Therefore, it is called the"Beautiful Comb"by the local people.

Dark Waterfall
There is a waterfall next to the Shizhang Cave Waterfall that you can't see, but you can hear. If you walk walk to the front of the giant Dan Rock, you can hear the waterfall. It sounds like a grand waterfall, but you can't see any flowing water; and you only have to walk a few steps away, and the sound is gone. What causes the sound is mysterious.

Panlong Waterfall Group
Panlong River Valley has 12 waterfalls with the average width of 40 to 50 meters. The first two waterfalls with heights of 51 meters and 23 meters respectively are closely linked. The rest of them are all about 10 meters high. The waterfalls pouring down in various fascinating shapes. Evergreen broad-leaf forests are along both banks of the valley.

Jifei Rock Waterfall Group
Situated by the Shizhang Cave road, Jifei Rock Waterfall Group is 284 meters high. It is quite special for it is separated into three parts and then runs down from the mountain. Twisting in the forests, it is such a breathtaking landscape.

Renyou River Waterfalls
It is located in the Renyou Stream Valley on the other bank of the Chishui River by the road from Fuxing to Shizhang Cave. Renyou River has groves of tree ferns and groves of verdant bamboo, making it a lush land. Five exceptional waterfalls pour down from the mountain from 300 meters. The surging, throbbing water can make you heart throb from the vibration in the earth. By the waterfalls, there is a grove of tree ferns.

10,000 Year Stone Umbrella:
The Stone Umbrella is located in the forest by the Xiangxi Kou Reservoir. It was formed by slow weathering so it is called 10,000 Year Stone Umbrella. The huge rock looks like an umbrella.

The"umbrella"is 17 meters in circumference, 6.2 meters in height and 1.2 meters in circumference at the thinnest part. Sometimes during storms it rocks, but it still stands.

How to go there:
You can take the tourist shuttle bus at the city center for 10 Yuan. The trip takes 30 minutes. If you hire a vehicle, the cost is 120 to 150 Yuan for the whole day.