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Maotai Town in Renhuai City

Maotai has long been a famed town in the northern Guizhou Province. Long ago, it was said: "The salt of Sichuan Province goes through Guizhou through Maotai Town so properous merchants gather in Maotai."

In Maotai Town, you can feel the vigor of the national liquor. On the wooded riverside, there are traces of the Red Army. The Cemetery for the Red Army Martyrs and the Monument for the Red Army's Four Crossings of the Chishui River are there.

Special Distinctions: The area was known as a place to get salt when salt was precious and for the mysterious liquor brewing; then it was known for the glorious long march. Maotai Town is regarded to be the "NO.1 Liquor Town in China."

Location: By the Chishui River in Renhuai City.

Below are some ideal destinations to know more about Maotai Liquor.

National Liquor Gate

Located in the east side of the Yanjin River Bridge, the National Liquor Gate is the gate to Maotai Town. The National Liquor Gate has an ancient architectural style. If you climb up the gate, you'll get a good view of the area. The whole gate is tall and imposing, grave and magnificent, to represent the national drink's long history, nobility, and high quality that is known all over the world.

On the hill east of the National Liquor Gate, there is the world's "biggest bottle"of Maotai Liquor that is 7 stories tall. You can climb the spiral stairway and look around.

National Liquor Culture City

National Liquor Culture City is in the Maotai Liquor Factory. There are seven exhibition halls, displaying the liquor customs of the Han, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties and the present. The architectural styles and decorations of the each era are presented in each hall. The museum shows several thousand years of history of Chinese liquor customs, and how Maotai has changed.

How to get there

In Zhongzhuang and Chuntian Bao Bus Stations, there are buses to Renhuai from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. at 30 minute intervals. After getting to Renhuai, you can go to the Yunlong Hotel on the right of Renhuai Coach Station. Then you can go to Maotai Town by bus out of the hotel. The buses depart when full. The trip is 20 minutes and costs 3 Yuan.