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Zunyi Meeting Site

The meeting site was a two-storey brick and wood house that was built in the early 1930s. It was the best house in the city at the time, and you can see a mix of Chinese and Western architecture. Mao Tse Tung wrote in big characters that means "Site of Zunyi Meeting," and this sign is hung on the gate. Inside the gate is a courtyard paved with slate. The courtyard north of the main building was the venue of the Zunyi Meeting.

The Zunyi Meeting site was 2nd Division Commander Zhang Bai-hui's private residence. It is composed of the main building and the courtyard. The building faces south. It has a Xieshan style roof covered with green tiles. There are halls with windows, and you can see the verdant mountains, and see where the Red Army fought battles at Honghua Gang, Chaqi Mountain, Yuping Mountain and Fenghuang Mountain.

the site of the zunyi meeting of the communist party

A rectangular meeting room is upstairs that used to be the owner's sitting room. It covers an area of 36 square meters. A western-style light is hung on the ceiling in the middle of the room. The original wall clock and two original cabinets are on the eastern wall. A dressing mirror is on a cabinet.

The western wall has a row of bright windows. In the middle of the room sits the original chestnut-colored long table surrounded by 20 rattan folding chairs where the officials sat. Under the table is a charcoal brazier for heating.

There were confidential offices of the General Commander of the Central Red Army within the well-protected courtyard. There is a communications room, mimeograph room, a staff room, and bedrooms that are like they were then.

Special Distinction: The site of the Zunyi Meeting is a national 4-A Tourist Area and a key national culture preservation area. The "Zunyi Meeting" is seen as a turning point in Chinese revolutionary history. Many of the original furnishings are there, and the original setting for the meeting is shown.

  • Address: Ziyin Road No. 96 in the Zunyi Old City.

How to go there

To get to the Zunyi Meeting house, you can either take buses or walk. A lot of buses go there. The city of Zunyi is quite small. It takes about 20 minutes to walk from the city center to Dingzi Kou on foot.