Top Four Ships Preferred by Western Customers

Victoria Selina

Victoria Selina

The Victoria Selina is a favorite super five-star cruise ship managed by an American company. To best serve foreign visitors, it uses Western-style management and bilingual representatives. A redecoration process completed in April 2011 added advanced facilities, including a new sightseeing elevator, imported marble bathrooms, a Western-style restaurant, and VIP lounges.

The Victoria Selina has a total of 133 cabins, including 89 standard rooms (21 m2), 40 executive suites (29.7 m2), two deluxe suites (35 m2) and two Shangri-La Suites (58.8 m2). All cabins are equipped with a balcony and bathtub. To meet the varied culinary preferences of the passengers, both Chinese and Western buffets are offered.

The ship holds rich and colorful activities, such as a champagne party and a folk fashion show. You can choose the activities you want to relax yourself.

President No. 1

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President No.1

The President No. 1 is a deluxe cruise ship with the largest public area and complete public facilities. A large number of guests prefer this ship, and gave it a high score of 4.64.

The President No. 1 can accommodate 188 passengers in her 94 cabins. Each cabin has an independent balcony offering the best views for appreciating the beauty of the Yangtze River.

The ship is renowned as one of the best deluxe boats on the Yangtze River not only for its top hardware facilities, but also for its first-class service.

Taking a cruise on this comfortable ship will make you feel like you are cruising on a floatable garden on the Yangtze River.

Century Diamond

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Century Diamond

The Century Diamond cruise ship, designed and constructed by top European experts, took her virgin trip in July 2008. It is equipped as a floating five-star Hilton Hotel.

The ship has a capacity of 264 passengers in her 132 cabins, including 112 top-class guest rooms, four executive suites, 14 deluxe suites, and two Presidential Suites. All rooms have convenient and comfortable European-style bathrooms and private balconies. The ship offers two transparent sightseeing lifts that allow passengers to fully appreciate the beauty of the Three Gorges, and two restaurants to meet passengers’ diverse appetites.

The Century Diamond is the only Yangtze River cruise ship offering drinkable tap water.

Victoria Prince

Victoria Prince

The Victoria Prince is the flagship of the upgraded Victoria fleet and the only cruise ship that sails between Shanghai and Chongqing. To provide Western guests with the best service, staff members are proficient in both Chinese and English.

The Victoria Prince was redesigned in 2010 with private balconies for all cabins to allow intimate, private viewing of the scenery of the Three Gorges. Each cabin on the ship is also equipped with a bathroom and HBO and BBC broadcasts.

Cruises on the Victoria Prince can be combined with a land tour, and onboard entertainment includes local performers.

Victoria Prince not only provides a long route covering the Yangtze River from Chongqing to Shanghai, but also offers short routes, such as Shanghai–Wuhan, Wuhai–Chongqing, Chongqing–Wuhan, and Wuhan–Shanghai. The greatest number of possible attractions is included on each cruise.

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