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Ho HoPeter L
Just returned from a wonderful 10-day trip to the Yunnan-Tibet region. What made the trip more special was that our guides were from local minority groups, Naxi, Tibetan (one had been a monk for five years), who gave us insights on local life. In Lhasa, from our hotel window we could see the Potala Palace right in front of us.

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Jan. 19 2016
Tour date: Apr. 8 2016 - Apr. 16 2016
We'd like to compliment Ms Lily Guo for the excellent service she provided to us.Her professionalism and ability to quick response and solve our queries fast are excellent.We are very appreciate of it and looking forward for our holidays. read more
by Ian
Tour title: 8 Days Lhasa and Everest Base Camp Tour
Nov. 18 2015
Tour date: Oct. 8 2015 - Oct. 30 2015
I want to thank China Highlights for putting together a wonderful personalized 24 day tour. Ms. Lily Guo did a great job listening to all my requests and organizing it in such a way that everything ran smoothly, from pick ups from and to airports, train stations, ship docks, transfers, always in a private car, with careful drivers and the best guides! Louise in Beijing was incredible, taking such good care of us, Tony, the guide in Hangzhou, taking us to the doctor when we needed it. Jakob in Shanghai taking my celphone to be fixed. All the guides went beyond their duty of taking us places and explaining. I am very grateful with all the people involved, even if I don't mention all their names. I definitely give this company a 10! read more
Tour title: China 11-Day Classic Wonders
Nov. 17 2015
Tour date: Nov. 4 2015 - Nov. 7 2015
The trip was good and we really liked our Hotel. Ming was an excellent tour guide and very kind and caring to the clients. The bus used that day was outdated and old. Henry who picked us up from the airport was lovely and his truck was able to fit In all our luggage. He was so nice and caring also.The trip to Landau Island was great in content.However, no provisions were made for People with handicaps and there was a lot of walking. Perhaps you could let the monastery know that a small shuttle cart should be provided for people in need. I would not have taken the trip if I had known but I am so glad that I did because it wasso beautiful. The guide did not take any notice of the people with canes and mobility problems. Often we would miss part of what he was explaining because we had not reached the destination yet. If the other passengers did not help us to get onto boats and cable cars we would not have managed. However, in all I really enjoyed what you arranged and I will use your services again. Could you please send me a separate receipt for what I paid, as I need it for tax purposes? read more
by Pauline
Tour title: 4 Days Hong Kong Tour
Nov. 16 2015
Tour date: Nov. 11 2015 - Nov. 21 2015
Just wanted to say a big thank you for arranging the panda keeper day in dujiangyan. The whole day can be wrapped up in one word....amazing. Helen, our guide, was excellent. She made the day really easy and was so friendly and kind. She even managed to arrange for our hotel to give my wife a birthday cake. She also convinced us to see the sichuan opera. So in Beijing now and we have the train tickets for Xi'an which we're looking forward to. So far I have china highlights as 11 out of 10 :) read more
by Brian
Tour title: 11 Days Chengdu, Beijing, Xian Tour
Nov. 9 2015
Tour date: Oct. 16 2015 - Nov. 14 2015
I recently returned from the above trip and thought I would give you some feedback on the trip. Overall the trip was excellent and well organised. I will give you feedback on the individual sections: 1.Suzhou: This section was not meant to be a photo tour but rather just a regular tour of the area. The hotels were good and the places visited were also excellent as were the guide and bus driver. The main critique would be how tight the program was since it didn't allow for time to just relax. Altough all the gardens were wonderfull, after a while they became very similar since the visits were so tightly packed together that we became fatigued. Overall however this section was well done. The watertowns of Tongli and Luzhi were wonderful and more relaxing. 2. Photo tour of Guilin including XingPing, Yanshuo and Longi Rice Terraces: Without question this was the highlight of the trip. Both Jessica and Mr. Chin (our photoguide) and driver were excellent and I believe everyone on the tour were extremely happy with them. I came away with a lot of great photographs and I can say without hesitation that this is the best photo tour that I have ever been on (and I have been on a lot). Both Jessica and Mr. Chin made sure that we were in the right place at the right time to get the lighting that we needed. I also loved the fact that they were able to arrange for models in Daxu as well as in Longji Rice Terraces. Although the accomodation varied in each place no one had any mahjor complaints and of course the food was amazing. Meeting with Mei Mei was a pleasure. 3.Zhangjiajie, Tianmen mountain and Fengyuan Phototour: - Summer was an excellent guide. We could not ask for a more pleasant person. In the Zhangjiajie mountains Mr. Zhou was our photo guide. This part of the trip was plaqued by bad weather. Although Mr. Zhou is an excellent photographer and guide, the photographic part of the trip was not as good as in Guilin. This seemed to be more a combination of photo tour read more
by Robert
Tour title: 30 Days Shanghai, Suzhou, Guilin, Yangshuo, Xingping, Longsheng, Zhangjiajie, Fenghuang, Beijing Tour
Nov. 6 2015
Tour date: Oct. 21 2015 - Oct. 24 2015
We had a wonderful time in Guilin and Yangshuo, everything what you have arranged was just great, the car, the meals, the sights…. minus the incident with Dana Viorescu.We would like to thank you for your help and all support that you have given us during this period. We really appreciate the effort you have put in smoothening this unpleasant situation. read more
Tour title: 4 Days Guangzhou, Guilin, Longsheng, Yangshuo Tour