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Ho HoPeter L
Just returned from a wonderful 10-day trip to the Yunnan-Tibet region. What made the trip more special was that our guides were from local minority groups, Naxi, Tibetan (one had been a monk for five years), who gave us insights on local life. In Lhasa, from our hotel window we could see the Potala Palace right in front of us.

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Jan. 30 2015
Tour date: May. 15 2015 - May. 23 2015
You truly have a treasure! Delia must be a very valuable employee. She has provided wonderful customer service and is incredibly patient. She worked with me a LOT on finding just the right tour at the right price. I considered a few other tour company's but after working with Delia, I knew I would get a great product. I look forward to my trip to China and will be certain to provide you with my wonderful experiences.read more
by Wendy
Tour title: 9 Days Hong Kong, Beijing, Xian, Shanghai Tour
Jan. 29 2015
Tour date: Dec. 26 2014 - Jan. 11 2015
I just want to thank you for a fabulous tour, It was excellent all aspects from the tours to the guides. i will also go on Trip Advisor as well and tell them. I learned a lot.thanks once againread more
by Sanjay
Tour title: 17 Days Beijing, Anyang, Dengfeng, Luoyang, Xian, Shanghai, Suzhou Tour
Jan. 28 2015
Tour date: Jan. 8 2015 - Jan. 11 2015
Thank you so much for your patience and flexibility in helping me to plan our trip to Hunan Province. Galen really enjoyed the Flying Tigers Memorial and Chinese people's anti-Japanese War memorial. We had delicious meals, the accommodations were good and Mars was a very knowledgeable tour guide.We enjoyed seeing the small villages and meeting the very friendly and hard working Dong minority people. Mr. He, our driver was competent and kept us safe on some very narrow and congested roads. I was happy that Mars was able to find the Catholic Church in Yuanling and was very resourceful in finding the cemetery and the Memorial monument for my Great Aunt, Sister Catherine Gabriel. It was a very special moment for me. I was pleased to know that the Chinese people show such great respect for my ancestors as well as their own. I felt really good to know that she is buried in such a beautiful location among the people who she loved and took care of. My family is very happy to know that she rests in peace in Yuanling. Thank you again for making this possible.read more
by Christine
Tour title: 4 Days Shanghai, Zhijiang, Huaihua, Yuanling, Tongdao Tour
Jan. 27 2015
Tour date: Apr. 14 2015 - Apr. 30 2015
Christy requested I tell you about my experience with planning our coming trip.We chose China Highlights in part due to your 'no required shopping' policy and the wide range of itineraries you offer.As we developed our preferred experiences, Christy was able to offer visits and events to complement and extend our pleasure. When we decided to think about our plans she was happy to allow us the time we requested. read more
by Judith
Tour title: 17 Days Shanghai, Suzhou, Guilin, Xian, Beijing Tour
Jan. 24 2015
Tour date: Apr. 30 2015 - May. 8 2015
I just wanted to say how truly satisfied I am working with Christy Luo. I believe she is a hard worker who goes above and beyond her job responsibilities - she gives excellent suggestions and recommendations for my upcoming trip to China with my elderly parents, my wife, and my baby. Her answers to my questions are quick and very honest. Her service is outstanding - she treats me as if I am a member of her family. I am definitely looking forward to my trip to China with China Highlights! I am highly recommending China Highlights to all of my friends, especially because of the wonderful work by Christy Luo!read more
by David
Tour title: 9 Days Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai Tour
Jan. 19 2015
Tour date: Apr. 26 2015 - May. 5 2015
I would like to share my experience from working with Christy Luo on a trip to China and Hing Kong in May 2015.I am very pleased with her assistance - she answered my emails without any delay, was very specific on my requests, accommodated all my requirements.I have to say that this was one of the best tourist service that I have received so far for the last 10 years.read more
by Svetla
Tour title: 10 Days Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macau Tour