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Top Four Cost-Effective Cruises

President 1

The President No. 1 is the flagship of Presidential Cruises, and has spacious public areas on board. It is considered the most cost-effective cruise ship among all of the ships in the five-star class of cruise lines.

The President No. 1 can accommodate 188 passengers in her 94 cabins, including 76 standard cabins, 16 top-class guest rooms, two deluxe suites, and two presidential suites. All of the rooms are equipped with sightseeing balconies that provide passengers with a contemporary look and a touch of Chinese tradition.

Services on the ship are superb, as all of the staff members have been professionally trained. And, you can enjoy different types of special cuisines.

Room types

The President No. 1 has the following rooms:

- Standard room with balcony: 74

- Top class guest room: 16

- Deluxe suite: 2

The cost per person for a room on the President No. 1 is $350 during the low season and $410 during the busy season. Customers can pay an additional $110 for a room on a high floor.

Century Sky

Managed by Sweden Viking River Cruises, the Century Sky cruise ship hires professional managers from Europe to ensure service quality. It was designed and equipped to meet international five-star hotel standards.

The Century Sky has 153 cabins on board, each with a private balcony and a top-of-the-line European-style bathroom. Cabins come with various TV channels, including HBO, CNN, and other international channels. The ship also has two sightseeing elevators.

The Century Sky cruise ship offers passengers a unique opportunity to explore the charm of Fengdu, where the ship stops for sightseeing in Fengdu Ghost City and at Fengdu Xueyu Cave.

It is one of the top cruise ships on the Yangtze River, and it brings you the most luxurious and outstanding experience in China.

The price for Century Sky is $559 per person during the low season and $649 during the busy season.

President Prime

The President Prime launched on April 15, 2011, and is the flagship of great presidential cruises given its high quality, elegant, and European-style modern comforts that create a luxurious experience and first-class service.

The ship boasts the highest passenger capacity of 374 among all vessels sailing on the Yangtze River. Its 187 cabins include two President Suites, two deluxe suites, 32 deluxe executive cabins, and 151 deluxe standard cabins. Every cabin has its own balcony, which is also the largest among all of the balconies on cruise ships at the same star level.

The entire ship has central air-conditioning. Moreover, the staff was specially chosen to provide the best service. The President Prime marks a new generation of super five-star cruise ships on the Yangtze River.

It also offers the most cost-effective cruise at the same star-level: $400 per person during the low season and $500 during the busy season.

Victoria Jenna

The Victoria Jenna is the newest and largest river cruise ship on the Yangtze, and offers international service standards and American management. The ship provides guests with the comforts of a five-star hotel.

There are four types of cabins on the ship, including Shangri-la suites, deluxe suites, junior suites, and standard cabins. The ship also offers two restaurants for people from different areas of the world and four sightseeing elevators to allow guests to appreciate the stunning beauty of the Yangtze River.

The Victoria Jenna is equipped with bilingual representatives to serve foreign visitors. It has earned the highest feedback among the Victoria series ships.