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Cruise Ships on the Yangtze River

  • Yangtze Gold 8
  • Rate:4.9
Yangtze Gold 8

It is one of the newest and most luxury 5-star cruise ships on the Yangtze River.

From: $459
  • Yangzi Explorer
  • Rate:4.6
Yangzi Explorer

Yangtze Explorer boasts the largest standard cabins on the Yangtze River. Each identical deluxe cabin features floor-to-ceiling glass doors opening to the private balcony.

From: $1239
  • Century Paragon
  • Rate:5.0
Century Paragon

Laughed in March, 2013, Century Paragon is one of the most luxurious ships on the Yangtze River.

From: $609
  • Yangtze Gold 6
Yangtze Gold 6

The Yangtze Gold 6 is a new luxury 5-star ship, which was launched in June 2012.

From: $439
  • Yangtze Gold 7
Yangtze Gold 7

It has a comprehensive service team to offer you a standard, professional and kind service, which is filled with "the human touch" and "cordiality", especially in people to people services.

From: $439
  • Yangtze Gold 5
Yangtze Gold 5

The first voyage of Yangtze Gold 5 is in 2012. And it has a large load of 570 passengers.

From: $439
  • Yangtze 1
  • Rate:4.5
Yangtze 1

Yangtze 1 has designated as "National Ambassador" reception ship by Chinese government. Regarded as the best value for money.

From: $359
  • Yangtze 2
  • Rate:4.5
Yangtze 2

M.S. Yangtze 2 is the newly luxurious cruise and sailing on 13,Sep 2011.

From: $409
  • President 1
  • Rate:4.4
President 1

President No.1 Cruise is a deluxe cruise well known with its fine decoration.

From: $359
  • Victoria Sophia
  • Rate:4.5
Victoria Sophia

Victoria Sophia is the only cruise ship sailing between Shanghai and Chongqing.

From: $449
  • CH Victoria
  • Rate:4.55
CH Victoria

The CH. Victoria is exquisitely designed and decorated in line with its four-star standard.

From: $339
  • Victoria Anna
  • Rate:4.6
Victoria Anna

Victoria Anna is the largest and most luxurious ship among the Yangtze River cruises.

From: $449
  • Victoria Grace
  • Rate:4.6
Victoria Grace

Victoria Grace offers passengers cozy accommodations, and impeccable service.

  • Victoria Katarina
  • Rate:4.6
Victoria Katarina

Victoria Katarina was constructed with Victoria Cruises personal touches blending both modern and elegant architecture.

  • Century Diamond
  • Rate:4.6
Century Diamond

Century Diamond possesses the largest cabins with private balconys and river-views.

From: $729
  • Century Sky
  • Rate:4.89
Century Sky

There is no doubt that Century Sky is one of the largest and the most luxurious river cruises on the Yangtze River.

From: $549
  • Century Sun
  • Rate:4.8
Century Sun

The Super 5-star Deluxe Cruise Vessel,"MV CENTURY SUN",is a sister ship of the" MV CENTURY SKY."

From: $429
  • Yangtze Gold 1
  • Rate:4.0
Yangtze Gold 1

Tipping Speicial Note: All passengers Yangtze Gold Cruises are required to pay $16/RMB100 per person as service charge.

From: $439
  • Yangtze Gold 2
Yangtze Gold 2

It is a magnificent "Floating Super Five-Star Hotel", a five-star luxury cruise ship of the new generation; the first one with helipads on a ship on the Yangtze River.

From: $439
  • Yangtze Gold 3
Yangtze Gold 3

It is decorated in a combination of a modern style, European style, Southeast Asian style and Chinese style.

From: $439
  • Victoria Selina
  • Rate:4.63
Victoria Selina

Also called Victoria Selina, the beautifully furnished cabins and private balconies for viewing the scenery of the gorges.

From: $449
  • Victoria Jenna
  • Rate:4.72
Victoria Jenna

Commissioned in 2009, the Victoria Jenna is the largest, most technologically advanced ship operating the Yangtze river.

From: $449
  • President 6
  • Rate:4.5
President 6

President 6 (President Prime) is the breakthrough of traditional cruise facilities and services for the presidential fleet.

From: $409
  • President 8
  • Rate:5.0
President 8

Like the President 7, the President 8 had its voyage in April, 2013. It has the same state-of-the-art design as the President 8.

From: $409
  • President 7
  • Rate:5.0
President 7

M/V President 7 and 8 are the newest and largest cruise ship on the Yangtze River. The luxury cruiser took their voyage in April.

From: $409
  • Victoria Lianna
  • Rate:4.6
Victoria Lianna

Victoria Linana offers beautiful public areas with high ceilings carved with great craftsmanship.

From: $449
  • Century Legend
  • Rate:5.0
Century Legend

Century Legend is with the same standard and design of Century Paragon. They are both the most luxurious ships on the Yangtze River.

From: $609