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Does your Club, Organization, University or Company organize group tours to China? Do you have a group that has a special interest in some place/s or activity in China? China Highlights can help you!

China Highlights Team

China Highlights through its parent company CITS has been in the travel industry in China for almost 50 years. Our knowledge, together with the many relationships that we have developed over that time will ensure that China Highlights provides all that you want.

Just look at our advantages:

  • 1 to 1 Communicate with an experienced Chinese travel professional in China who cares about you.
  • Don’t just fit into an existing plan design an itinerary that suits your group’s needs.
  • Get value for money while ensuring quality.
  • Your travel advisor is only a phone call away while your clients are in China.

Services We Provided

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Part of Interesting Culture Experiences

Our Cultural Exchange Products are designed to instill the humanitarian values that encourage a lifetime of service / activity. Through a variety of service learning programs, we work closely with you to design an experience that will be the best fit for your group. Whether it’s a week-long immersion staying with a local famliy or a few days of project work to introduce your group members to the idea of service learning -- our programs give you the opportunity to meet the real life in China.

1 Panda Volunteer Program Panda Volunteer Program
Half Day / Full Day
Bifengxia Panda Center, Chengdu

This program offers a special experience involving close contact with pandas. You will help to feed the pandas; clean the enclosure and hose the pandas (in summer) from outside the enclosure. Each participants will be issued a certificate to acknowledge your voluntary service after the program is completed.

2 Local activity - Rice HarvestHarvest Rice
Half Day
Yangshuo Countryside, Guilin

A good way to get close to, and really experience, country life in Yangshuo is working in the fields. Us ing only simple tools, and plenty of physical exertion, learn how to work in the rice fields with local people. You will get to know the reality of traditional village life. The activity is available in October’s harvest period.

3 local activity - nongtang Family visitExperience Shanghainese Life
Half Day / Full Day

Take a visit to a Shanghai longtang, immerse yourself in the culture and experience the life of the Shanghainese. Chat with a local family and learn to speak the local dialect. Our guide will accompany you to visit a local food market, buy ingredients, and prepare lunch with your host. It is an experience never forget.

4 Local activity - Local Service Program in countrysideGrow Vegetables and Build a House with local people
Half Day to Four Days
Guilin Region

Get closer to local people in Yangshuo, experience growing vegetables and building a simple house the local way. Get more information about locals' daily life. It is an interesting way to experience the cultural differences between China and your country.

5 Culture activity - class with chinese studentsAttending Class with Chinese Students
Half Day to 2 Weeks
Schools in Beijing

An insightful activity for culture exchange is having class together with Chinese students. You will have the opportunity to communicate with Chinese students and participate in class activities to find out how Chinese education works.

6 Culture activity - Chinese knot makingLearn Chinese Traditional Handicrafts
Half Day / Full Day
Gaobeidian Village, Beijing

These activities will be done in Gaobeidian Village in Beijing. You will learn traditional Chinese handicrafts, such as making Chinese knots, clay figures, and colorful decorations. A lecture about Chinese culture and history will be presented .

How to work with us?

There are 2 ways that we can assist you and your customers. Use either or both to maximize the benefits to you:

  1. China Highlights will provide all China land content at net prices to your agency so that you can sell in your market. We act as a supplier and booking office in China for you and offer you net price of all travel products in China. You market and sell the products and make your own decisions about profit or service charges.
  2. We also accept commission refund. You market our products only by referring clients to us by either website click, or E-mail referrals. We will be responsible for client contact for tour arrangements, bookings and payments. We will pay you on commission bases and take all the work and worry away from you. We will save you time and money!
Become Our Partners

Why should China Highlights work directly with your Client?

China Highlights has recently launched a new program aimed at Travel Agency Partners to enable us to deal with customers who demand tailor-made services. We become "Your China Branch Office Representatives".

We recognize the problems that you face so we have developed the "Your China Branch Office" program as a solution for both of us to meet the needs of these "High-demanding customers".

What Are The Benefits for Your Company?

English speaking professional Chinese travel consultants will deal with you and your customers, providing the best and most up to date information and prices.

We will provide a local contact in China to provide back-up in an emergency or just a familiar voice at the end of a phone while traveling in China.

We save your company worry, time, money and staff.

China is one of the fastest growing tourism markets in the world. Get in front of the wave NOW! We invite you to discuss how we can cooperate to take advantage of the opportunities that exist.

China Based Specialists
  • We are local experts based in Guilin
  • Specialists focused on customized tours, including private, family, student, and cultural exchanges throughout China.
1 to 1 Dedicated Advisor
  • We aim for excellence in partner care, we typically reply within 2 working hours.
  • We believe in dedicating an expert to you, giving you a 1-1 relational contact.
Best Net Prices /Commission
  • We offer the best net prices, just add your markup
  • We also have commissionable rates if you prefer your clients pay us directly