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How to take a train in China

What You Need to Know Before Booking China Train Tickets

China is now known to have the world’s vastest and fastest train network. Being possibly the most economic means of travel, train is flavored domestically and it is still highly likely to encounter ticket shortage during important festivals and national holidays. That being said, the railway system is not necessarily friendly to foreigners. Here are some articles that would help you understand what to expect for booking trains in China:

China High-speed trains

There are 3 types of high-speed trains in China, including categories C, D and G.

How to buy train tickets

There are several ways. Booking with China Highlights is recommended.

train types and seat class

Choose between high-speed and ordinary trains in China.


Tips for Your China Train Trip

Taking a train in China is very different from in western countries. The article below may help make your journey smoother and more convenient.

Hong Kong Train Instructions

Buying train tickets to/from Hong Kong is different from buying train tickets in Mainland China.

how to collect train tickets

Collect your tickets from the station or choose our delivery service.

how to board the train

Here are a few steps to follow when getting on or off a train in China.


Popular China Train Routes

What's New?

The 2020 Spring Festival Travel Rush
Published on November 17th, 2019
The “Spring Festival travel rush” of 2020 will begin on Jan. 1 and end on Feb. 28. Train tickets for the travel rush period will be on sale from Dec. 22, 2019. Tickets for the travel rush period sell out very fast. If you plan to travel during this period, please book your train tickets as early as possible.

The High-Speed Train Between Beijing and Datong Will Start to Operate by the End of 2019
Published on October 15th, 2019
The Beijing - Datong High-Speed Railway is a part of Beijing - Zhangjiakou High-Speed Railway, which is expected to open in December, 2019. After this rail line is opened, the train journey time between Beijing and Datong will be reduced from 6 hours to only 1.5 hours!

The Intercity Train Between Beijing West Station and Beijing Daxing Airport Started to Operate
Published on September 26th, 2019
The intercity trains between Beijing West Railway Station and Beijing Daxing International Airport started to operate since Sep. 26, 2019. There are 12 pairs of daily bullet trains run on this route, with the shortest travel time of only 30 minutes. This intercity rail line is planned to extend to Xiong'an New Area by the end of 2020.

National Day Holiday Travel Rush in 2019
Published on September 12th, 2019
The National Day Holiday travel rush is estimated ​from Sep 30 to Oct 10. With millions of people touring and taking trains during this period, the train stations will be very busy and crowded. To make sure you catch your train on time during this period, please arrive at the train station at least 2 hours in advance.