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Nyingchi Travel Guide

nyingchiPeach trees blossoming  in Nyinchi

Nyingchi, or Linzhi in Chinese, is located in the southeast of Tibet. It is a prefecture and city in the middle reaches of the Yarlung Tsangpo River. Nyingchi is adjacent to three Tibetan regions: Shannan, Nagqu, and Lhasa.

Also, It is the lowest region in Tibet with an average elevation of around 3,000 meters, some areas even below 800 meters. 

  • Chinese name: 林芝 Línzhī Dìqū 'Linzhi Region'
  • Tibetan name: ཉིང་ཁྲི་ས།
  • Area: 117,000 square kilometers (45,174 square miles)
  • Time Zone: UTC+8 (Beijing standard time)
  • City seat: Bayi Town
  • Recommended stay: 3-5 days

The Features of Nyingchi

snow-capped mountains in NyingchiA view of the snow-capped mountains in Nyingchi

Nyingchi is famous for its fantastic natural scenery. The region has big snow-capped mountains, steep cliffs, gemlike lakes, and flat valleys. 

Highlights include Basum Tso, Rawok Lake, Lulang Forest Area, and Midui Glacier.

Bayi Town, the administrative center of Nyingchi, is located 406 kilometers from Lhasa, 7 hours’ drive.

Nyingchi Highlights

overlook the namjagbarwa peakOverlook the Namjagbarwa Peak

There are three popular Nyingchi attractions not to miss.

  • Ranwu Lake: Ranwu Lake is next to the Sichuan–Tibet Highway and is a popular stopping point for tourists. The lake covers an area of 22 square kilometers (8.5 square miles), with a length of 26 kilometers (16 miles).
  • The Yaluzhangbu Grand Canyon The Yaluzhangbu, also the Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon, is located in Tibet and lies where the Nyainqentanglha Range, Himalayas, and the Hengduan Range all come together. This canyon is also a major tourist attraction
  •  The Namjagbarwa Scenic Zone: Nanjiabawa Mountain is a Himalayan mountains that tends to go un-seen. Najiabawa has snow-capped peaks and hot springs. However, it is a destination that most people, not just climbers, can dream of touring.

How to Travel to Nyingchi

Bus travel

Most travelers travel to Nyingchi from Lhasa. It is approximately 392 km via route G-318. The most popular itinerary is:
Day 1: Drive down from Lhasa to Basum Tso Lake to Bayi Town, and stay at Bayi Town.
Day 2: Drive from Baiyi Town to Lulang Forest Area.
Day 3: Drive back to Lhasa.   

This is a busy trip with long drives of about 5 hours and 30 minutes, but the scenery on the way is breathtaking. See more on Tibet transportation.

Air Travel

To get to Nyingchi Mainling Airport from the city center, you will drive 53 km on the Linla Highway from the south section of Binhe Avenue and Nanyue Avenue (about 7.4km). Continue 45.2 km to Milin County, and exit 500m toward the Airport.

Nyingchi Mainling Airport is approximately 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) from Mainling's county seat of Mainling and 73 kilometers ( Approx 46 miles) from Linzhi County. It operates five flights a week to Chengdu. However, it is an Airport located on a winding valley. It is considered as one of the most difficult and challenging Airports to reach.

There are no transit available that link Lhasa, Tibet, China and Nyingchi, Tibet, China.

The Best Times to Visit Nyingchi

Linzhi Peach Blossom FestivalLinzhi Peach Blossom Festival

Nyingchi experiences a semi-humid high-altitude climate. The best times to visit Nyingchi are from March to May and September to October. During this season, the weather is warm and pleasant. June to August is the rainy season and cold temperatures reign in the winter, therefore the number of visitors is minimal at these times.

Read more on Tibet Weather.

The Nyingchi Peach Flower Festival begins from 25th March to late April

Where to Stay

Accommodation in and around Nyingchi is of moderate quality. There are cheap hotels around the city. Tibet Linzhi Hotel, Artel Poly Linzhi, and Nyingchi Minshan Hotel are ressonable and offer affordable meals. 


Chongqing Sichuan Kitchen Restaurant, Xianghang World Restaurant, and Kangsangzang Restaurant are three alternatives that prepare unique Chinese desserts. Lulang chicken in a stone pot and Tibetan flavor pork are the two famous local foods.

Traditional Tibetan food including tsampa, barley wine, butter tea, and butter are common in Nyingchi. Western dishes such as cooked vegetables, wine, and french fries are available in most Western restaurants. Read more on Western China foods.

Discover Nyingchi with Us

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If you are planning a Nyingchi tour, you will probably want to visit and acclimate in Lhasa first. We recommmend our:

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