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China Weather in April: Travel Tips for April

China Weather in April: Travel Tips for April

Written by Chris QuanUpdated Jan. 4, 2022

In April, spring is in the air in most of China. The weather is cool to warm and agreeable for traveling across most of the country.

Fruit trees and flowers bloom. It’s a good time to do outdoor activities, but you need to prepare for rainy days. There is still freezing weather in the extreme north and mountainous regions.

April Weather Conditions in China

  • Average daily temperature range: 9–20°C (48–68°F)
  • Average rainfall: 70 mm (3 in)
  • Daytime clothing: sweater, trousers, light rain-proof coat sweater
  • Evening clothing: sweater, warm trousers, warm coat
  • Tourism: Tourist numbers start to increase at major attractions. Spring is refreshing and a good time for hiking.
    China Temperature in April

Tips for Traveling Around China in April

  • April is the best time to appreciate beautiful and refreshing floral scenery: pink peach blossoms in Nyingchi, flourishing rape flower in Luoping and Wuyuan, apricot blossoms in Ili…
  • South China areas such as Zhangjiajie, Hangzhou, Huangshan, and Guilin will meet frequent showers/drizzle. On the plus side, the rain brings fresh air and magical misty scenery. Rain gear is needed.
  • Outdoor activities such as biking and hiking would be at an opportune time in Yunnan as spring comes just before the rainy season.
  • April is a shoulder season. Favorable prices and fewer tourists can be expected.

Best April Destinations

April is a pleasant time for traveling to outdoorsy destinations, appreciating flowers, and hiking.

For Spring Scenery and the Great Outdoors:

peach blossom in Tibet NyingchiPeach blossom in Nyingchi, Tibet
  • Yunnan: sunny weather, outdoor activities like hiking and biking, rape flower appreciation in Luoping…
  • Tibet: peach blossom meets snowy peaks, mysterious Tibetan culture
  • Guilin & Yangshuo: pastoral scenery like a Chinese ink painting, outdoor activities like rock climbing and ATV driving, Li River cruises, traditional folk song festival, watching spring ploughing…
  • Huangshan: seas of clouds on the Yellow Mountains, bright canola fields, quiet villages away from the hustle and bustle…

Recommended tours:

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For Less-Traveled Routes

Jinchuan Valley’s pear flowers blossomJinchuan Valley’s pear flowers blossom, Western Sichuan
  • Western Sichuan: plateau scenery and pear flower blossom, horse riding on a vast grassland, Tibetan villages and culture…
  • Foshan: delicious food, learning martial arts, watching lion dances… 
  • Hengdian: watch filming in action, take Instagrammable photos dressed up in classical Chinese costumes…

Recommended tours:

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West China — Yunnan, Guizhou, Western Sichuan, Tibet, the Silk Road…

Dali Old TownDali Old Town, Yunnan

Tibet and Yunnan are worth visiting in April. It's usually sunny in April, apart from in the mountains. There will be rainfall in afternoon, but not large quantity. Temperatures drop on rainy days.

If you want to experience Tibetan culture and plateau scenery and seek for a lower risk of suffering altitude sickness, then Western Sichuan is good to go with no Travel Permit.

April is also a good time to see sowing and join some minority festivalsSisters’ Meal Festival) in Guizhou. The weather in Guizhou in April is warm but changeable, with some short cold spells. Rainfall is frequent but is mostly drizzle.

April is not a good time to travel to Urumqi due to frequent dust storms. The weather is dry and cloudy, and it is still quite cold.

Clothing: Sweaters, warm trousers, wind-proof coat, dress for freezing weather if you are visiting Mount Everest Base Camp.

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South China — Guilin, Foshan, Xiamen, Quanzhou...

rape flower in LongshengLongsheng (Guilin)'s rape flower

South China is already quite warm in April — a good time for spring travel. It can be quite hot in late April, so bring light clothes.

Guilin can still be quite cool following the frequent rain in April. The average temperature range is 17–24°C (63–75°F) and there are on average 22 days (248 mm, 10”) of rain, including some storms.

While Pearl River Delta (Foshan, Chaozhou, Shantou, etc.) will be much warmer.

Clothing: shorts, T-shirts, light sweater and trousers for the evenings, light rain gear

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East China — The Yellow Mountains, Shanghai, Hengdian, Suzhou…

Hongcun Village HuangshanHongcun Village, Huangshan

The weather is changeable in east China. It can be cool and damp, but it can be warm and sunny too.

Take Shanghai as an example — the average temperature range is 11–19 °C (52 –66°F) and there are typically 15 days (97 mm, 4”) of rain in April. It can be up to 30°C (86°F) in late April.

The villages of Huangshan are beautiful, with canola flowers blooming in April. The cool weather is good for hiking between ancient villages. And the Yellow Mountains have fresh verdure and characteristic seas of cloud in April.

Clothing: T-shirt, light trousers, and a sweater for daytime; layers and waterproofs for mountainous areas and evenings

Recommended Tours

Contact us to create a trip for your spring break according to your group size, time, budget, interests, and other requirements.

Central China — Chengdu, Zhangjiajie, the Yangtze River…

Bungee jumping in ZhangjiajieBungee jumping in Zhangjiajie

It's mild/warm in central China in April, and still quite dry.

Take Chengdu as an example — the average temperature range is 13–22°C (55–72°F) and there are typically 20 days (47 mm, 2”) of rain in April. Zhangjiajie shares similar weather.

Chengdu is already in its high season during April, and tourist attractions are crowded. If you want to visit Chengdu in April, plan your trip in advance.

Zhangjiajie is cool and beautiful for travelling in April. There will be misty and foggy scenery to enjoy at the pillars and peaks, especially on rainy days. Note that it is cooler and rainier in the mountains.

Clothing: T-shirt, light trousers or shorts, light sweater, with a light coat or waterproof for evenings or rainy days.

North China — Beijing, Xi'an...

Beijing Jiankou Great WallHike on the Great Wall

In north China, the weather is warm during the day but chilly at night. There is still not much rainfall in April. So it's a great time for hiking and other outdoor activities.

In Beijing, the average temperature range is 8–20°C (46–68°F) and there are typically 4 days (22 mm, 1”) of rain in April. Plants and trees turn green and it's a good time for appreciating spring scenery. Xi'an has similar weather to Beijing.

Cities in the extreme north can be colder by 10°C/50°F.

As the weather warms up the natural scenery turns green. It's a good time to visit the Great Wall around Beijing.

April is one of the best months to travel to Xi’an. Enjoy the best weather in low season, with room rates, other prices, and crowding much lower than the following six months.

Clothing: light trousers, T-shirts, light sweater and jacket, with a warmer coat for the evenings

Recommended Tours

Festivals Make April More Colorful

Water Splashing Festival The Water Splashing Festival

Water Splashing Festival: This festival is usually celebrated in April in Yunnan where the Dai Minority live. They dress in traditional clothes and splash water on others as a blessing. Read more about the Water Splashing Festival.

Zhuang Minority Folk Song Festival in Guangxi: On this day, men and women divide into gender teams, and they sing alternately in antiphonal style. Read more about the Zhuang Minority Folk Song Festival.

Most Popular China Tours for April

Pack your bag and come with us to explore the beauty of China. Below are our suggested tours for your inspiration. Modify these tours as you wish.

All our tours can be customized. If you are not interested in the above destinations or tours, you can contact us to tailor-make an April tour for you.

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