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China Weather in April 2024: Where to Go (Smart Pre-Season Pick)

Written by Chris QuanUpdated Nov. 3, 2023

In April, spring is in the air in most of China. The weather is cool to warm and agreeable for traveling across most of the country.

April is the best time to appreciate beautiful and refreshing floral scenery. It's also a good time to do outdoor activities.

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China Weather in April: Overview

  • Average daily temperature range: 9–20°C (48–68°F)
  • Average rainfall: 70 mm (3 in)
  • Average rainy days: 5
  • Average sunny days: 25
China in April

Weather in North China (Beijing, Xi'an...)

In North China, the weather is warm during the day but chilly at night. There is not much rainfall in April so it's a great time for hiking and other outdoor activities.

In Beijing, the average temperature range is 8–20°C (46–68°F) and there are typically 4 days of rain amounting to a semi-arid 22 mm (1 in) in April. Xi'an has similar weather to Beijing.

As the weather warms up the natural scenery turns green. It's a good time to visit the Great Wall around Beijing.

Clothing: Wear light trousers, T-shirts, light sweaters, and a jacket, with a warmer coat for the evenings.

Weather in East China (Shanghai, Hangzhou...)

The weather is changeable in East China. It can be cool and damp, but it can be warm and sunny too.

Take Shanghai as an example — the average temperature range is 11–19 °C (52 –66°F) and there are typically 15 days of rain totaling a moderate 97 mm (4 in) in April. It can reach up to 30°C (86°F) in late April.

Clothing: Wear T-shirts, light trousers, and a sweater in the daytime. Wear layers and waterproofs for mountainous areas and in the evenings.

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Weather in South China (Guilin, Hong Kong...)

South China is already quite warm in April, making it a good time for spring travel. It can be quite hot in late April, so take light clothes.

Guilin can still be quite cool following the frequent rainfall in April. The average temperature range is 17–24°C (63–75°F) and there are, on average, 22 days of rain with a high total of 248 mm (10 in).

The Pearl River Delta (Hong Kong, Foshan, Chaozhou, Shantou, etc.) will be much warmer.

South China areas will have frequent showers/drizzle. On the plus side, the rain brings fresh air and magical misty scenery.

Clothing: Wear shorts, T-shirts, light sweaters, and trousers in the evenings, and take some light rain gear.

Weather in West China (Chengdu, Tibet, Yunnan...)

In April, West China experiences a transition from the coolness of spring to the warmth of early summer. However, occasional spring showers may occur, accompanied by gusty winds.

Tibet and Yunnan are usually sunny in April, apart from in the mountains. There will be rainfall in the afternoons, but not in a large quantity. The temperatures drop on rainy days.

The average temperature in Chengdu is 13–22°C (55–72°F) and there are typically 20 days of rain, bringing a low rainfall of 47 mm (2 in) in April.

Top 5 Places to Visit in China in April

April is a pleasant time for traveling to outdoorsy destinations, appreciating flowers, and hiking.

1. Guilin

Traveling to Guilin in April, you would see the poetic imagery of the Li River, where misty rain hangs over the landscape, creating a tranquil and ethereal ambiance.

Nearby Yangshuo County is best for various outdoor activities, such as rock climbing and ATV driving. You could also watch spring plowing.

April is also a good time to experience the Zhuang Minority Folk Song Festival. Men and women divide into gender teams and they sing alternately in an antiphonal style.

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2. The Yellow Mountains

In April, the Yellow Mountains come alive with vibrant blossoms, cherry and peach trees in full bloom, and lush greenery. The cool weather is also good for hiking.

Immerse yourself in the surreal experience of witnessing the sunrise or sunset from the mountain peaks, as the sea of clouds gently rolls beneath you.

The villages of the mountains are beautiful, with canola flowers blooming in April. There, you could get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Take a stroll through the flower fields, feel the freshness of the air mixed with floral scents, and try some traditional crafts, such as learning to make a fish-shaped lantern with an experienced local craftsman.

3. Zhangjiajie

Zhangjiajie is cool and beautiful for traveling around in April. Spring brings vibrant colors and refreshing greenery to the awe-inspiring towering sandstone pillars, lush forests, and serene valleys.

There will be misty and foggy scenery to enjoy at the pillars and peaks, especially on rainy days. The mountain mist adds a unique charm to the scenery.

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4. Tibet

Tibet is quiet and beautiful in April. You would see a beautiful scene of peach blossoms and snowcapped mountains meeting in Nyingchi in April.

Tibet in April not only offers stunning scenery but also provides a quiet environment when tourists have not yet flooded in.

Visit the Potala Palace, experience the lifestyle and the spiritual world of local Tibetans with a walk along Barkhor Street, and visit a local family to experience their lifestyle on a plateau pasture.

5. Yunnan

The sunny weather in Yunnan in April makes it an opportune time to do outdoor activities, such as biking and hiking, as spring arrives just before the rainy season.

The rape flowers in bloom in Luoping also make it the best time to appreciate the hills, terraces, and fields.

Slow down your pace to take a stroll in the ancient town, ride alongside Erhai Lake to feel the breeze, and explore a minority village to learn about the only living (still in use) hieroglyphics in the world — the Dongba symbols.

Crowds and Costs in April

April could be a good time for travel if you are looking for a less-crowded environment and reasonable tourism expenses.

While it marks the beginning of the peak season, April still sees fewer tourists compared to May and the upcoming summer vacation period.

As May approaches, airfares and hotel prices tend to rise significantly due to the Golden Week (Labor Day) holiday in the first week of May, prompting many travelers to begin their journeys at the end of April.

To avoid excessive price surges, it is advisable to plan your trip for early or mid-April. By doing so, you could enjoy a more relaxed experience and potentially save on travel expenses.

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