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China Weather in June 2024: How to Benefit from the Rainy Season

China Weather in June 2024: How to Benefit from the Rainy Season

Written by Chris QuanUpdated Sep. 25, 2023

June sees real summer weather across all of China. The summer heat sets in, even in the north, and the temperature rises over 30°C (86°F) in most of China.

China's rainy season starts in all regions by the end of June, and it comes earlier in the southern regions. The rainfall brings a drop in temperature, making June the coolest summer month. There is much less rainfall in the north and west, so the temperature is relatively hot there.

June is also the summer month with the least crowds. In June, you could avoid the domestic tourist crowds, who travel during China's school holidays (July and August).

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China Weather in June: Overview

  • Average daily temperature range: 18–28°C (64–82°F)
  • Average rainfall: 134 mm (5 in)
  • Average rainy days: 9
  • Average sunny days: 21

Weather in North China (Beijing, Xi'an...)

In June, the weather in North China can be described as warm and gradually turning hot toward the end of the month. Despite being the rainy season, it doesn't rain much.

Visiting the north is a better option than the south, especially if you're looking forward to some outdoor activities.

Taking Beijing as an example, the average temperature range is 21–32°C (70–90°F) and there are typically 9 days of rain amounting to 51 mm (2 in) in June.

Clothing: Take a jacket, shorts, and light clothing.

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Weather in East China (Shanghai, Hangzhou...)

In June, East China is susceptible to typhoons. Rainfall will be frequent, potentially impacting flight schedules. Flexibility in your travel plans is advised. Our experienced guides will adjust the itinerary according to the weather conditions to ensure that your experience is as little affected as possible.

Compared to the north, temperatures are relatively cooler due to the presence of typhoons and rain, making it a milder and possibly more comfortable environment for travelers.

Taking Shanghai as an example, the average temperature range is 23–29°C (73–84°F) and there are typically 13 rainy days.

Clothing: Wear t-shirts, shorts, and bring a thin rain-resistant jacket and other rain gear.

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Weather in South China (Guilin, Hong Kong...)

In June, the weather in South China is comparable to that of the eastern region, but with increased rainfall. This limits outdoor activities to some extent. It is advisable to be prepared for frequent stormy showers and plan indoor or weather-resistant activities accordingly.

Guilin's average temperature range is 25–32°C (77–90°F) and there are typically 18 rainy days.

The temperature in Hong Kong is similar to that of Guilin, but the rainfall is less with occasional showers.

Clothing: Wear shorts, light clothes, and, when needed, rain gear.

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Weather in West China (Chengdu, Tibet, Yunnan...)

The mountains and valleys of Yunnan Province and Sichuan Province have pleasant weather.

It is cool or warm depending on the altitude. Tibet's average temperature range is 12–25°C (54–77°F).

It is the beginning of the monsoon season, but the rainfall is heavier in mid- and late summer.

Clothing: Take shorts, t-shirts, shirts, and long trousers and coats for high altitudes.

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The Top 5 Places to Visit in China in June

In June, we recommend exploring destinations primarily located in the western and the northern regions as they are less affected by the rainy season and offer better opportunities for outdoor activities.

However, cities in the south or east can still be visited with reasonable planning and flexibility. Our services are personalized and professional. Contact us to tailor your trip to your preferences.

1. Beijing

The weather in Beijing can be quite hot in June with only low/moderate rain. There are also relatively few travelers in Beijing in June compared to the upcoming months of July and August.

In June, explore historical treasures, such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, and the Summer Palace, without extreme heat or cold.

If you are planning a tour with kids, Beijing's hutongs offer a unique experience where you could try the local food and immerse yourself in the traditional way of life.

Additionally, visiting ancient Chinese school sites, such as the Imperial Academy, would allow your child(ren) to learn about the education system of ancient China, along with valuable insights into the country's rich history and culture.

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2. Xi'an

June offers mild weather in Xi'an. The comfortable temperatures allow for enjoyable sightseeing and you could immerse yourself in the city's rich historical and cultural heritage.

Visit the awe-inspiring Terracotta Army. You could also experience making a mini clay warrior by hand, guided by an experienced craftsman.

Walking or cycling on Xi'an City Wall offers a wide range of views of the city and a vantage point for beautiful sunset views.

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3. Chengdu

Despite the occasional rain showers in June, Chengdu offers a delightful experience with warm and comfortable weather, which is especially welcome when traveling with kids who you need to keep comfortable.

Visit a panda base and get up close to adorable pandas with a panda keeper program. This could be a once-in-a-lifetime memory-maker for your family, bringing smiles for years to come.

Explore a traditional alley network, known as the ‘Wide-and-Narrow Alleys', where you could try local snacks and experience the vibrant atmosphere.

Chengdu also has numerous educational museums, such as Sanxingdui (‘Three Star Mounds' — a Bronze-Age civilization site), and parks for kids to discover Chinese history and culture.

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4. Tibet

June is a great time to visit Tibet, with pleasant temperatures and clear skies.

Explore the majestic Potala Palace, immerse yourself in the spirituality of Jokhang Temple, and witness the stunning vistas of the Tibetan Plateau, all enhanced by the favorable weather conditions.

June is also the best time for a Mount Kailash yatra (pilgrimage) and kora (circumambulation) due to the warmer temperatures and higher oxygen content in the air.

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5. Hong Kong

There are occasional thundershowers, but that shouldn't stop you from exploring this vibrant city.

From the iconic Victoria Peak to bustling markets, and from delicious cuisine to stunning harbor views, you could fully enjoy the city's charms with warm and comfortable temperatures. Kids could also have fun at Ocean Park Hong Kong and Disneyland.

If you want to enjoy Hong Kong's natural scenery with some outdoor activities, the quiet Lantau Island is a good choice. There, you could see Hong Kong's original fishing village life, experience an awesome cable car ride, and hike in beautiful parkland.

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Costs and Crowds in June

Compared to the off-peak season, June sees an increase in tourist numbers and higher travel costs.

However, when compared to the summer vacation months of July and August, June is a relatively favorable time for travel. The crowds are comparatively smaller and prices tend to be more reasonable.

By choosing to travel in June, you could avoid the peak summer rush and enjoy a more comfortable experience while still benefiting from a wider range of services and attractions.

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