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China Highlights is about "discovery your way". We believe a great holiday is more than being there and seeing the sights — a great holiday lets you get to know the place you visit and the people you talk to, and positively affects the rest of your life. Our philosophy is simple:

— To make known the best of this land we love, in line with your choices and style.

Unlike many travel agencies who just sell trips, we create unique experiences, design them to your needs and budget, using our expert knowledge.

Being in the industry for nearly 60 years, based in China, we know tourism in China better than anyone else. We know the secret paths to stunning scenery, the hidden history, and the hidden problems — like booking elusive tickets and real deals, and avoiding bad toilets.

We know the key to making a perfect plan happen as well. We hire the best guides at each place.

Furthermore, we believe constant feedback and training is the secret of customer service in China. We apply this policy to our tour guides, tour designers, and drivers, to set and maintain very high standards every year.

Over 10,000 satisfied customers and 1,000 great reviews on TripAdvisor.com each year can’t be wrong!

Victor Shu’s Story — The Internet and China Tourism

Victor Shu is an ordinary man of 45. Like many other Chinese people of his age, he never left his own city area until he was 18, and never traveled out of China until he was approaching 30. But this didn’t stop him from becoming one of the most reputable businessmen in China’s travel industry.

This is China: anything can happen…

Victor studied English Language in his college. After graduation he worked as a tour guide at CITS Guilin — a much-coveted job at that time. Under no illusions, he worked hard, and quickly became well known by the big tour companies overseas as hardworking, knowledgeable, and passionate about serving people.

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Victor Shu


  • 1 One of the first travel websites in China, China Highlights was established by Victor Shu in September 1998.
  • 2 China Highlights has websites in 7 languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Russian, and Italian. We also launched Asia Highlights website, extending our market to SE Asia.
  • 3 Over 50 cities in China and SE Asia have China Highlights offices or contracted partners.
  • 4 Over 100 staff serve at the Guilin headquarters: 14 have served over 10 years; 70% are ladies.
  • 5 The largest China-based travel agent for the foreign market, China Highlights serves over 10,000 foreign customers directly each year (45,000 in 2015).
  • 6 Famous customers of China Highlights include Irish Ambassador Declan Kelleher, Lakers starting center Andrew Bynum, and Barbra Streisand.
  • 7 The first company in China to offer online payment (by PayPal) in 2005, China Highlights is still the biggest client in PayPal’s China travel market.
  • 8 The first Chinese travel company listed on TripAdvisor.com, over 1,000 customers have written positive reviews about their China experiences with China Highlights.
  • 9 The first Chinese travel company to purge “commission tours”, China Highlights launched its “no forced shopping” policy in 2006 and its “absolutely no shops, factories, or detours” policy in 2013.
  • 10 A comprehensive information website, chinahighlights.com has over 10,000 useful China travel articles and pages for tour planning.

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