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Horse Astrology


The horse ranks seventh of all the animals in the Chinese zodiac. People born in the year of the horse are extremely animated, active and energetic. Horses love to be in a crowd, and they can usually be seen in such occasions as concerts, theaters, meetings, sporting occasions, and parties. With a deft sense of humor, horses are masters of repartee. They love to take center stage and delight audiences everywhere.

Sometimes, the horse is a little self-centered, but it doesn't mean that he will not be interested in any problems except his own. However, a horse person is really more cunning than intelligent, that is probably due to the fact that most horse people lack confidence.


Basically, horse people are very healthy, most likely because they hold a positive attitude towards life. However, heavy responsibility or pressure from their job may make them weak. Therefore horse people shouldn't do overtime too often and then come home very late. Also, they should refuse some invitations to join parties at night.


Jobs involving communicating with others attract horse people most. The sign of horse stands for leadership, management and decision-making. Horse people dislike taking orders. The horse can make it in any career that demands neither solitude nor meditation, for he is an extrovert and he needs to be surrounded by people who approve of him and flatter him. Good career choices for horses include: publicist, sales representative, journalist, language instructor, translator, bartender, performer, tour operator, librarian or pilot.


People born during the year of the horse have a pleasant, amiable, easy going disposition. With good humor and geniality, they are extremely comfortable to get along with, for they have the ability of instantly putting people at their ease. They are very quick-witted and are right in there with you before you have had the chance to finish what you were saying; they are on to the thought in your mind even before you've expressed it. All these guarantee their popularity and a large following of friends.


Best with: Tiger, Goat or Dog. Worst with: Rat, Ox, Rabbit or Horse.

  • Lucky Colors: green, red, purple
  • Lucky Numbers: 3, 4, 9
  • Lucky Flowers: giant taro, jasmin
  • Year of Birth: 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026

2015 Predictions for the Horse

Love: Single people will meet their ideal partners by participating in more social activities. For people in love, it will be auspicious for them to get married in 2015.

Fortune: People who were born in a year of the horse will have good fortune in 2015, with their income increasing steadily and increased chances to earn extra income. However, they should avoid investing in the stock market.

Career: It will be fairly easy for them to get more contracts and profit from them, and will also be an excellent chance for them to carry out new projects due to the support from bosses and colleagues.

Health: The health tendency for them will be rather good on the whole; however, they should pay more attention to their blood pressure, especially elderly people. At the same time, those who are fond of wine should drink less.

Famous People Who Belong to Horse

  • The second emperor of Qin (230 BC-207 BC), or Ying Huhai, was the youngest son of Qin Shihuang.
  • Emperor An of Han, or Liu Hu (94 AD-125 AD), the sixth emperor of the Eastern Han Dynasty.
  • Zhang Daoling (34 AD-156 AD), the founder of Taoism.
  • Genghis Khan (1162-1227), known as the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty, was the leader of the Mongol Empire.
  • Emperor Yongzheng of the Qing Dynasty (1678-1735), the fourth son of Emperor Kangxi.

The City that Represent the Horse - Shenzhen

If any city in China has moved forward at a gallop, that city is Shenzhen. In the few decades since China'sopening-up policy was put into action, Shenzhen has exploded out from very humble beginnings into a huge metropolis, testament to its advantageous location for trade situated next toHong Kong and with favorable access to the sea and thus international commerce. When it comes to sheer commercial power, those few decades have seen Shenzhen rise to fourth position behind Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. There can be no other place in China as symbolic of the rapid changes that have taken place in the nation as a whole.

However, Shenzhen is not all about economics. This is a vibrant, lively city packed with life and activity given that it has a largelyyouthful population drawn in from all quarters in China. Nor has it lost all its scenic attractions in the thrust to modernization, while it has added a few scenic spots of its own in its modernity. Check out 'Splendid China', ('锦绣中华')Sea World, (海洋世界); the Wildlife Park, (野生动物园); theRare Botanical Garden, (珍稀植物园); and don't forget the beaches, with some of the prettiest and most clement bathing opportunities around China.

Best Travel Destinations for the Horse in 2015

While Dragons and Snakes are confined to the west, Horses are similarly confined at the opposite end of China.Stay east, and don't think of galloping off anywhere else. Graze in easterly pastures and you will be fine. There's plenty of grazing to do.


There can be few names of foreign cities more romantic in the mind of the foreign visitor than Shanghai given its long connection with the outside world through land possession and international trade. The Shanghai of today is certainly a destination to tick off your list so now, Horses, is the time to do so.

In its modern form as an up-to-date international metropolis, Shanghai can, at times, seem like another country outside China altogether. Long-standing connections overseas have given the city a uniquely cosmopolitan flavor all its own unmatched within the rest of the nation and rarely matched outside it. It is now the largest and most successful of China's commercial cities, its importance such that it qualifies as amunicipality in its own right, one of four under direct central government control as they seek to preserve its unique status. No surprise that its ancient heritage and modern atmosphere make it one of China's top four tourist destinations. Horses should be sure to trot along to the Bund and the Oriental Pearl Tower, the most famous of Shanghai's landmarks, but there's plenty to see after that. There are too many museums to mention here, colonial architecture including some magnificent churches, theaters,parks,shopping malls, anything and everything for all tastes and interests. Don't miss out on the old towns which have been swallowed up in Shanghai's expansion while retaining their cultural heritage. Zhujiajiao and the old traditional buildings in theQingpu district are particularly worthy of attention.


The capital of Jiangsu province, Nanjing has a long and troubled history. One of the four major ancient capitals of Imperial China alongside Xi'an, Beijing and Luoyang, it has served both as a cradle for Chinese civilization and as a magnet to those who would disrupt it. Nanjing's is a painful history into which to delve too deeply, but for the lighter, more creative side of what this ancient city has produced we would recommend the visiting Horse check out the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, the Confucian Temple, the Yuhuatai Tomb of Emperor Zhuyuanzhang and his Queen, the Folk Art Museum, and top it all off with a relaxing stroll along the pretty Qin Huai river.


The capital of Zhejiang Province, situated on the Yangtze River delta, Hangzhou has its own unique feel given its location on the West Lake, arguably the most famous lake in all China. This lake has gained such worldwide renown in its own right and in its surrounding scenery that many locations are listed by the World Record Association. It is said that 'As there is paradise in Heaven, so there are Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth'. Nor is scenic beauty the only attraction. With a history of some 2,200 years since its foundation, Hangzhou is rich in culture, much of it again to be found around the lake itself. Given that much of your time here should really be spent around the lake area, we would recommend hiring a bicycle and considering renting a boat to cruise the waterways.


Often coupled with Hangzhou given their proximity, as in the quote above, Suzhou has its own atmosphere quite distinct from that of Hangzhou. Listed as a primary city for its historical and cultural background, established in 514 BCE, its 2,500 year history as of this very year, your year, the Year of the Horse, has made it one of China's top ten tourist destinations. That history is largely focused upon the Wu people, giving it a unique color on the map of China for the Wu's singular attitude and approach to life.
The most remarkable and memorable aspect of Suzhou is to be found in its traditional and ancient gardens. These are many, and to be sought out by the traveler for their fantastic variety and points of focus, whether they be built upon a theme of flowers, shrubs or rock formations. There can be nowhere better than Suzhou in which to see this ancient Chinese tradition of landscape art. Don't get too caught up in the gardens, though. Exploration of Suzhou's winding waterways, small bridges and alleyways, and the ancient architecture that is scattered throughout the city is something not to be neglected.


Huangshan is the famed 'Yellow Mountain', an area of some of the most fantastic scenery to be found not only in China, but also anywhere on earth. Be prepared for a lot of hiking here, and your reward will be some of the most spectacular sights you have ever seen. Located in the south of Anhui province, head for the Huangshan district of Huangshan city and you can't miss it. It's pretty big. What makes Huangshan unique is the sheer variety of forms and delights to be found here, all the classic images and experiences of pines clinging to fantastic rock formations, seas of cloud and, for relaxation, there are even hot springs located here, everything anyone could ever want from all mountains all here in one.

Places to avoid

This may be your year, Horse, but don't think you can have your way in everything. Inauspicious stars mean that Beijing, Tianjin, Dalian, Luoyang, Datong and, indeed, anywhere north is best avoided.

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