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Guilin is a popular tourist city famous for its karst landscape and idyllic countryside. The limestone hills randomly thrust out of the ground, and Li River winds its way through the hills and passes villages, creating a picture of timeless beauty. Out-door activities like hiking and biking will bring you to nature and local farmers' daily life.

Guilin tour expert Rebecca He Rebecca He Product Manager
When I was a tour guide eight years ago, one of my customers said: “After my visit to Guilin, I could understand the artistic conception of Chinese landscape painting.” Possessing the most beautiful scenery of China, and less pollution, Guilin is like a backyard garden for people to relax in. No skyscrapers, no heavy population, but clear water, green hills, rustic villages, and friendly people. This is the reason I have lived in Guilin for over 15 years. Come to Guilin, and feel the time flowing slowly.
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Here are the most essential Guilin tours covering Li River Cruise, Longji Terraced Fields Hiking and local family visit, etc. Just take it or use it as a starting point in tailor-making your unique tour.

Longji Rice Fields
One Day Tour to Longji Rice Terraces & Mountain Village (Small Group)

Trek up the amazing Longji Rice Terrace, get in touch with ancient Chinese minorities lifestyles and let the spectacular scenery be in your memories for the rest of your life.

the Li River
3-Day Essence of Guilin & Li River Tour

Relaxing yourself on the Li River, and cycling to the countryside though the paddy fields in Yangshuo can be accomplished in 3 days.

Yangshuo countryside
4-Day Guilin & Yangshuo Memories Tour

Seeing the star sights of Guilin, cruising on the Li River, and relaxing in the countryside of Yangshuo are included in this 4-day tour.

Longji Terraced Fields
5-Day Guilin & Longji Minority Discovery Tour

Visit minority culture in Longji Terraced Fields. Cruising on the Li River and cycling in the countryside in Yangshuo are included.

High-speed Railway from Guangzhou to Guilin
5-Day Guangzhou to Guilin High-Speed Railway Tour

Only 2.5 hours to Guilin to enjoy unique karst landscapes and minority culture.

Unique Authentic Experiences
Minority Family Living in the Mountain Rice Terraces

Our friendly hosts are happy to treat you with local specialties like oil tea and bamboo rice. Why not join in and learn how to make these dishes with the family, and finally taste your fruit of labor.

Cormorant Fisherman at Dusk

Cormorant fishing is quite a unique practice in South China. We will make it more than just watching from a tourist boat with a crowd in Yangshuo, but take you to the best ancient village and make it a photo-worthy experience you will never forget.

Photograph the fishermen at sunset, as they cast their nets on the river, as cormorants line the bamboo raft. We even arrange for the fisherman to light their gas lamps, giving you the chance for amazing photos.

Chinese Cooking Workshop

Explore the local market for fresh ingredients before you head for the kitchen and learn one or two authentic Chinese dishes. The chef speaks good English and makes this experience a lot of fun. It's a great activity for all-ages,anda fun morning.