• the Terracotta Army
    UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • Tang Daynasty Show
    Starting Point of the Silk Road
  • Big Google Pagoda
    Cradle of Chinese Culture to Explore
  • Mount Hua
    Majestic Huashan Mountain, Test Your Courage

Xi'an Tours

Our Xi'an tours take you to explore the ancient city of Xi'an, which is considered the cradle of Chinese civilization.

See the best of Xi'an, touch the amazing Chinese history, enjoy the stunning natural scenery and taste delicious local food through our Xi'an tours. Usually people stay at Xi’an 2-4 days. Alternatively, you can explore the city in your own way by using our tailor-making service. China Highlights has over 10 years' experience in customizing Xi'an tours.

Most Popular Xi'an Tours

Xi'an tour expert Rebecca He Rebecca He Product Manager
A sweet memory I have is of the half-month inspection trip to Xi’an I enjoyed, with guidance from some local experts. We tasted local food at hidden restaurants, visited the source location of Qingqiang Opera, and sought out the upholders of folk culture. All of these changed my perception of Xi’an — it has much more to offer beyond the Terracotta Warriors. I am very happy to share these cool experiences with Xi’an customers, as part of our customizable product range.
Contact me: rebecca@chinahighlights.net