Tibet Tours

Specialize in exploring Tibetan Buddhism culture and natural plateau scenery, offering private, flexible, and memorable tours. We also design Tibet extension tours to other parts of China or Nepal.

Choose your own travel style such as private tours, a Tibet travel permit & tour guide only, or a small group tour. We are all about 'Discovery Your Way!'

Stand on the Roof of the World

Mt. Everest Base Camp Tour, 8 Days

Stand on the Roof of the World

Experience the fantastic scenery of Mt. Everest, the Roof of the World. Visit Tibet's fascinating monasteries, and get an insight into Tibetan life.

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Jokhang Temple in Lhasa

Lhasa Essence Tour, 4 Days

Visit Classic Sights in Lhasa

Experience Tibetan Buddhism, discovery local culture have venture into the wild beautiful natural scenery of the Tibet plateau.

Monks Debate at Sera Monastery

4-Day Essential Lhasa Winter Tour (Nov.- Jan.)

Lhasa Highlights with Shangri-la Hotel Upgrade

Travel to Tibet in winter and you will see more local pilgrims in the old city, even some nomad families with all their worldly possessions. Stay in one of the top hotels (the Shangri-la) for less, and meet fewer crowds on the tour.

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Tibet Pilgrimage

Lhasa and Nakchi Discovery Tour, 5 Days

A Journey of Discovery to Lhasa and Nakchi

See classical sights and mysteries monasteries in Lhasa, visit Lake Namtso with snow-capped peaks, and get in touch with local life in this more remote area.

Namtso Lake

Lhasa Highlights from Chengdu, 6 Days

The Natural and Cultural Highlights Trip of Lhasa

Your journey to Tibet starts in Chengdu, the perfect gateway to the Tibetan plains. Explore the highlights of Tibet and uncover the rich culture on this trip of a lifetime.

Tibet Expert Guides
Dor Je

He knows where to get good photos of Tibetan sights and how to help travelers get in touch with local life and culture here.


She loves to take groups to Everest and has been to Mount Everest many times. In 2007 she visited Everest 19 times.

Wang Dui

He has been a Tibetan tour guide since 1997. With rich experiences in helping customers travel in Tibet he offers a trouble-free cultural and scenic journey.