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As per the latest news from the China Rail, most of train tickets release date (starts on the 30th of December, 2016) will be cut down to 30 days in advance before the departure (rather than the original, 60 days in advance). We will update the announcement simultaneously with the China Rail. e.g. The train departs on January 30, 2017. The train tickets are open for sell on January 01,2017.

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How to Buy Train Tickets in China?
The selling period of China train tickets are 20 days before the departure day for bookings online and by telephone; and 18 days in advance for train ticket windows at train stations and local train ticket offices.

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How to Choose Train Types And Seat Class in China?
Trains are classified by speed and service in China, represented by a train code. A train code is made up of a letter (G, D, C, Z, T, K, or no letter), which indicates a train’s type, and a number.

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