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China Festival Tours

Join in the festive celebrations and experience authentic Chinese culture with China Highlights’ China festival tours.

With 56 ethnic groups and rich cultural heritage, China is a country where various festivals fill the calendar. There are traditional festivals celebrated throughout the country, like Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival. Each ethnic group also celebrates their own festivals with unique customs, such as Tibetan Shoton Festival, Water Splashing Festival and Sisters’ Rice Festival.

Through China Highlights’ China festival tours, visitors can see how local people’s celebration, or even join them in singing and dancing. With more than 10 years’ experience in customizing China tours, we can also help you design your own China festival tour.

Guizhou Festival Tour (Sister's Meal, Lusheng Festival, Dragon Canoe Festival, The Miao Four-Eight Festival)
Guizhou Festival Tour (Sister's Meal, Lusheng Festival, Dragon Canoe Festival, The Miao Four-Eight Festival) 6-Day Guiyang and KaiLi Tour
The Sister's Meal Festival celebrated by Miao people is known in China as Oriental Valentine's Day. Its traditions include eating rice which has been dyed different colors and known as lover's rice. The festival offers opportunities for singles to find a marriage partner.
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Zhouxi Lusheng Festival Tour
Zhouxi Lusheng Festival Tour 6-Day Guiyang, Anshun and KaiLi Tour
The heart stirring sounds of massed Lusheng instruments, the colors of Miao costume and many other festive activities such as dancing, singing, bull-fighting, cock-fighting and horse racing are features of Lusheng. Festival held in Southeast Guizhou. This tour will give you an opportunity to join this large annual celebration held by the Miao ethnic minority.
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Tibet Shoton Festival Tour
Tibet Shoton Festival Tour 5-Day Lhasa and Nagqu Tour
Shoton Festival is the most important festival in Tibet. Originally, it was purely a religious festival but it has developed to have a much wider traditional meaning. This festival begins at Drepung Monastery to seeing Tangka, then shifts to Norbulinka for Tibetan opera. This tour gives a glimpse of Tibet’s traditions and colorful festival lifestyle.
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Beijing New Year Celebration Tour
Beijing New Year Celebration Tour 6-Day Beijing Tour
Celebrate Chinese New Year's Eve just as locals in Beijing do! You can experience the festival atmosphere; join in decorating a house with the owners by experiencing Chinese calligraphy. Learn how to make dumplings and enjoy the New Year banquet. Fireworks celebrate the coming of the New Year after the dinner and you will be part of the whole event.
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