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Chinese food with its variety and complexity is undoubtedly one of the finest cuisines in the world. It is delicious, healthy and, above all, different.

Good food is surely one of the main elements of a satisfactory tour. For foodies, China Highlights has designed five value-packed private tours, combining China’s must-see attractions with meals in carefully selected restaurants favored by local people to ensure a real taste of China. With more than 10 years of experience, we can also tailor-make a Chinese food tour based on your needs.

The Flavor of China
The Flavor of China 12-Day Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, Guilin, Yangshuo and Hong Kong Tour
Chinese food in all its variety and complexity is unquestionably one of the finest pleasures a visitor can experience in China. Our food tour will offer you an impressive vacation. You will have an opportunity to taste delicious Chinese food and at the same time not to miss those beautiful and must-see sites of china. In this tour, you can enjoy the different food : such as Royal Cuisine in Beijing, Xi’an Cuisine, Sichuan Cuisine in Chengdu and Hong Kong Cuisine.
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Calling all Foodies Tour
Calling all Foodies Tour 8-Day Beijing, Chengdu and Guangzhou Tour
The visitors who travel to china will not miss the Chinese food. One popular summary of Chinese food is “sweet in the south, salty in north, sour in the west, and spicy in the east.” Take this tour, your will experience salty in Beijing, spicy in Chengdu, sweet in Guangzhou.
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Beijing Cuisine Tour
Beijing Cuisine Tour 5-Day Beijing Tour
Beijing cuisine is famous for its hundreds of dishes with special flavors that are unmatched by any other cuisine. Among the most famous dishes or styles which found their way from the imperial court to public restaurants are Court Cuisine, Beijing Roast Duck, and Mongolian Hot Pot. You will visit stunning site spots of Beijing and taste the Beijing cuisine will offer you a special and delightful trip.
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Shanghai Memories Tour
Shanghai Memories Tour 4-Day Shanghai Tour
Create a Shanghai memory by visiting the must see attractions of the city. Take a family visit to experience a real Shanghai life with Locals.
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Xi'an Cuisine Tour
Xi'an Cuisine Tour 4-Day Xian Tour
Visitors to Xian must do two things: one is to see the clay figures of Terra cotta warriors and horses. The other is to taste local delicious cuisine. In the 4-day tour, visit the large numbers of historical relics, appreciate an elegant Tang Dynasty show, enjoy the Dumpling Banquet will give you impressive experience. Xi'an cuisine has a good, hearty style that should never let you leave the table hungry. Noodles and dumplings are the staples of the local food and these are almost always filling and warming.
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