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Visit the beautiful island – Taiwan through China Highlights' Taiwan tours.

Taiwan is one of Asia's must-see destinations. This charming island offers a special culture and nature travel experience. Choose from our Taiwan tours, or China Highlights is glad to help you design your own Taiwan tours to suit your requirements.

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Taipei 101

Essence of Taipei City

On this one day tour, you will explore four famous attractions in Taipei, Taipei 101, Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, Confucius Temple and Bao-an Temple.

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Yilan and Hualien Tour

4-Day Scenic Tour To Yilan and Hualien

You will experience the relaxation of famous local hot springs, rustic paths for walking and getting lost. And the tribal culture here offers an extra diverse travel experience.

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Jiufen Sheng Ping Theater House

7-Day Classic Taiwan Tour

  • In one week, we will take you to Taiwan's most scenic places such as the Jiufen Gold Rush Town, the Sun Moon Lake, Puli Town and Alishan. Temples, local food, aboriginal cultures, and other highlights are waiting along the way.


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Alishan Train

9-Day Taiwan Essence Tour

Up for some real experience in Taiwan's amazing landscape, various folk cultures and yummy cuisine?

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