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4-Day Scenic Tour To Yilan and Hualien

Suggested Itinerary
Day 1: Lohas Trip in Yilan
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Yilan, one of Taipei’s most breathtaking spots, is situated in the back yard of Taipei City, set against the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean. During our tour of Yilan, you will experience first hand the relaxation of famous local hot springs, creative farms, rustic paths for walking and getting lost, and of course, a healthy dose of folk culture.

LinMei ShihPan Forest Trail - The Linmei Shihpan Trail is located in Yilan County's Jiaosi Township. The trail is wide, even and passes through a lushly wooded terrain with the river and waterfall.

BaJia Fish Farm - Why not have your lunch at Bajia Fish Farm? The natural spring water in the farm cultivates sweetfish that tastes extraordinarily tender and flavorful.

A World Top Rated Hot Spring Site-Jiaosi Hot Spring - Odor-less (not the sulfur kind), and extraordinarily rich in naturally occurring minerals, hot spring water in the Jiaosi Township is praised for its ability to nourish and fortify irritated skin.

Lo-don Night Market - The native cuisines including salty rice macaroni, smoked ducks, meat thick soups ,longfeng legs, tofurolls ,thick rice noodles, sausage stuffed pork and sweet potato powder, sausage stuffed tofu, oyster omelet…etc.

Accommodation: B&B/guest house in Yilan

Day 2: Yilan trip to Hualien
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National Center for Traditional Arts - The National Center for Traditional Arts was built to showcase how a traditional Taiwanese village works, and show how it can integrate into modern life in Taiwan.

Traditional kiln roast chicken - Kiln-roasted chicken is a traditional and scrumptious Taiwanese dish.

Lo-don Forest District - The Luodong Forest District is located in the northeastern region of Taiwan and comprises 9 % of the total forest area of Taiwan.

Cycling around Plum Blossom Lake (Meihua Lake) - Meihua Lake occupies a wide expanse of land and is bordered by verdant mountains on 3 sides, featuring outstanding scenery. Circling the lake is a trail allowing visitors to stroll tranquilly around while enjoying the picturesque scenery.

Accommodation: B&B/guest house in Hualien

Day 3: Slow Down, Hualien in Depth Travel

Hualien is a region rich with natural resources, and is a bustling hub of activity for tourists. It is famous for its rift valley plain that lies just besides a mountainous range, a rocky seashore overlooking Pacific Ocean sunrises.The tribal culture here offers an extra diverse travel experience. The countryside in Hualien has the one of the best natural environments in Taiwan.

Taroko National Park - Taroko became a national park in 1986. Tourists can appreciate the natural beauty along the tour track. Swallows nest on the cliff, chirping and flying back forth.

Aboriginal specialty - Aboriginal specialty includes dishes that utilize the mountain vegetables and fresh seafood of the region. Learn about the many aboriginal cultures that comprise nearly one third of Hualien County’s population.

Shakadang Trail - Shakagang Trail, also known as "mysterious valley trail", is built along a river cliff. Travelers can easily observe the folds in rocks and the natural ecosystem beside the river shore.

Qingshui Cliff - Qingshui Cliff is one of the most spectacular sights on Taiwan's Pacific coast. The cliff is more than 1,000 meters high and drops almost vertically into the sea.

Accommodation: B&B/guest house in Hualien

Day 4: Hualien Discovery

Pine Garden - Built in 1943, Pine Garden was formerly inside of a pine forest and used as the military department's office of Hualien Port. Pine Garden offers a wonderful view overlooking the mouth of Meilun River, Hualien Port, and the Pacific Ocean.

Immigration from Japan - Chinghsiu Temple

Following traditional Japanese architectural features, Chinghsiu Temple is a wood-framed construction. Chinghsiu Temple serves as the function of auditorium and worship. Since this is a rather serious and religious place, the surroundings are serene and peaceful.

Liyu Lake - The Liyu Lake was known for being rich n carp. The area is 104 hectares. It is the largest inland freshwater lake in Hualien. In addition, the Liyu Lake is also famous for its beautiful scenery, attracting many tourists.

Qixingtan (Seven Star Bay) - At the northeast of Hualien City, the moon-shaped Seven Star Bay has a pebble beach that extends along the shore for several kilometers.

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