Let us take you to some of the most photographed places in China, like Guilin and the Yellow Mountains, and help you make the most of your photography time.

All the arrangements and attractions are considerately designed for you to get an in-depth tour of China’s history, landscapes, and cultures. We humbly acknowledge that many of our past guests have been skilled photographers, some working for travel magazines. We insist on helping you discover the best photography locations, and showing you the best of China.    

China Photopraphy Tours

Li River Sunset
Shots of Early Morning and Dusk at the Li River, and the Rice Terraces

An specially-designed Guilin itinerary enabling you to photograph the Li River's dreamy dawn, idyllic fishing scenery, a minority village, and the rice terraces.

Hongcun Village
The Photogenic Yellow Mountains and Nearby Ancient Villages

An interest-oriented itinerary allowing you to shoot the legendary scenery of the Yellow Mountains, the peaceful life of charming Hongcun, and the exquisite ancient buildings of Xidi.

The Great Wall of China
Classic China Photo Tour

This photographic tour is for photography lovers planning to visit China for their first time, and wanting to exercise their interest on an in-depth journey. Record a multidimensional China, including historical sites, natural landscapes, idyllic scenes, and modern life.

You Are Lucky to Find Us
  1. Guides are professional local photographers
    Our photography tour guides have more than 10 years photography experience. They know local very well and develop good relationship with local people, which makes your tour much easier. Some of them can speaks very good English.
  2. Supported by Guilin Photographers Association
    Photographers of the association share updated photography information with us and give training to our guides and travel advisors.
  3. Over 50 years tour operation experience
    We know photography tour needs people to be energetic. Our tour experiences ensure you pleasant and worry-free stay. Just focus on your photography!
We do not sell tours here, we sell photographers!
Jie Qin
Jie Qin - Knowledgeable A member of China Photographer Association with 40 years of photography experience, is also a traditional Chinese painter. As a Guilin native, Jie Qin has personal and broad knowledge of Guilin's landscapes, history, and culture. Jie Qin will give you photography suggestions from his rich photography experience. Enjoy his photos
Ho Ho
Ho Ho - Energetic Has been leading regular and specialized photography tours for CITS since 1987. The misty Li River karst scenery inspired his passion for photography. Rich guiding experience has gifted Ho Ho a long list of photography locations off the beaten track. With an observant pair of eyes to discover beauty in nature, Ho Ho will guide you to the easily-missed angles. Enjoy his photos

Our Expert Guide - Jie Qin's Photos

Local People in Shangri-la
Li River Painting

Our Expert Guide - Ho Ho's Photos

Tongli Ancient Town
Yangshuo Countryside Scenery