Photogenic Yellow Mountains and Nearby Ancient Villages

Suggested Itinerary
Day 1: Huangshan Arrival

It’s our aim to take the stress and hassle out of travel and let you enjoy China more. Upon your arrival in Huangshan airport, your private guide will meet you outside the luggage claim area. Your professional driver will drive you directly to your hotel. Your guide will assist you with check-in and ensure everything is fine at your hotel.

Day 2: The Yellow Mountains’ Front Hill Photography Tour

You will take the Yuping Cable Car (玉屏缆车) to ascend, don’t miss this grandeur during your 10-munite cable car journey, it’s breathtaking. Prepare a light pack and wear comfortable shoes because you will walk to discover the elegant scenery on the mountains.

Your private guide also enjoys discovering the natural beauty of the mountains and familiar with the area to ensure you arrive to all the right places at the right time to capture the shot you need.

You will snap the natural beauties atthe ‘Front Hill’ area, including the guest-greeting pine, the Lutous Peak, the Celestial Capital Peak, and the Turtle Fish Peak (Turtle fish is a legendary animal with a dragon’s head and a fish’ body). Get well prepared to capture the sunset, the sea of clouds, the grotesque pine trees and rocks.

the yellow mountains

the yellow mountains

Day 3: The Yellow Mountains Photography Tour

Your private guide will pay close attention to the sunrise time the next day. Prepare to get up early in the morning if you plan to photograph the sunrise across the Yellow Mountains. The Bright Summit and the Flying Stone are great places for taking sunrise photos. The Bright Summit is also a great place for shooting the subset scenery and the sea of clouds.

The Xihai Grand Canyon is an ideal place to photograph that dream scenery with wispy cirrus clouds. The entrance of this canyon, White Cloud Pavilion, is a great place for viewing sunset.

the yellow mountains

Day 4: The Hongcun Ancient Village Tour

Before going downhill this morning, take the chance to rise early and photograph the sunrise on the Dawn Pavilion.

After finishing your discovery of the Yellow Mountains, you will continue your Huangshan tour to one of China’s most beautiful ancient village — Hongcun Village, a charming ancient village which was the setting for Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (the winner of Oscar Best Foreign Language Film Award 2001).

With a history of over 800 years, the village will show you the original Hui style architecture (a type of traditional Chinese architecture). This elegant ancient village is always the destination for art students and artists’ capturing its beauty on paper.


You will stay in an inn that was transformed from an old dwelling in Hongcun Village. Enjoy the leisurely and vintage style of life.

hongcun village

Day 5: The Xidi Ancient Village and Huangshan Departure

Hongcun Village has a water supply system, which gift this ancient village a dreamy scenery in the early morning.

Different from Hongcun Village, a village renowned for its picturesque landscaped of ancient buildings and clear water,Xidi Village is more renowned for its exquisite ancient architecture. So the photography theme in Xidi Village is agricultural photography, covering the delicate layouts and the sculptures.

At the end of the day we will get you to the airport for your flight, at least two hours before your boarding time. So, sit back and relax as your private driver and guide get you to the airport on time. They will take you right to check-in and say goodbye at the security gate.

xidi village

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