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Yangshuo and Longji Photography Tour

Suggested Itinerary
Day 1: Day 1 Arrive in Yangshuo
li river

Your private guide will meet you outside the arrival hall at the airport. A professionally-chauffeured driver and private vehicle will take you direct to Yangshuo. The rest of the day after check-in is yours to venture out.


  1. The wide Li River with towered mountains seen from Yangshuo Bridge is picturesque in the dawn and at the night.
  2. West Street comes alive at the night. The cozy café, the interesting handicrafts, and the skilled painters can be your photography creations.
Day 2: The Li River Bend’s Morning and the Fishing Man Photography Tour
lijiang river

The early bird catches the worm – be up before dawn to capture the sunrise! It will be a 20 minute climb up Xianggong Mountain to photograph the breathtaking sunrise at the place where Li River runs as a right-angled bend.

After the photography creation at Xianggong Mountain, you have two options:

  1. Take a short hike to the Stone Village, where almost 90% of the dwellings were built by piling up flat stones without cement.
  2. Visit an ancient village at the foot of Xianggong Mountain to get a sense of the local people’s simple life.

In the afternoon, you will be driven to Xingping Ancient Town to get another photography highlight: the rose sunset (pray for a cooperative weather) and the evening a fishing scene on Li River, with a bamboo fishing boat, a cozy gas lamp, an experienced fishing man, and several ospreys.

Day 3: The Early Morning at the Most Picturesque Section of Li River
lijiang river

Another early-began day for sunrise or misty morning on the Li River. Accompanied with your private guide, you will be transferred by a bamboo raft from Xingping Town to Xialong Bay (下龙湾), the essence section of Li River, including the location of the 20 yuan banknote. The boatman will also pose as your model if you want to photograph morning fishing scenes.

Next photography place is Xingping Ancient Town, a time-honored town developed from a small fishing village. There you can feel the simple fishing life and appreciate the ancient dwellings built with the Ming and Qing dynasties’ style.

To capture the sunset at the end of the day, your guide will take you to Xiaomian Mountain (Small Face Mountain) to shoot the magnificent sunset. On the way to 20 yuan banknote, you will climb up to the side of the mountain. Stand on the shoot place, you will view the whole mountain on the note and photography it from a different angle.

If the weather condition does not allow you to get a sunset shot, we will be driven to Yangshuo Town to enjoy the colorful night life.

Day 4: The Langzi Ancient Village and Yulong River Photography Tour
lijiang river

This morning you will visit a ‘non-commercialized’ ancient village: Langzi Ancient Village in Gaotian Town is an ancient Zhuang village built in 1668. You will see some ancient buildings and a battery. A good place to photography and learn about ancient constructions in Southern China.

The simplicity of the locals, the ancient-styled dwellings, and the peaceful countryside life will give you inspirations for great photography.

The dock for hopping on a bamboo raft to enjoy the elegant Yulong River is not far from the village. Different from Li River, this Li River’s branch river radiates its charm and quiet beauty. The unfurling aquatic plants, and the wide river with farm lands, lofty mountains, and verdant bamboos on both sides are great photography materials.

In the afternoon, you will be driven directly to Ping’an Zhuang Village, where you can photograph the scenery of Longji Rice Terraces.

Day 5: The Rice Terraces Photography Tour

If the weather condition allows you to shoot the amazing sunrise, you will get up early to shoot this sunrise scenery. You will get some photos of magnificence with mist-shrouded mountains.The Yao and Zhuang minority villages are also highlights.

In the afternoon, continue your photography tour at the rice terraces near Ping’an Zhuang Minority Village. The Jiulong Wuhu (九龙五虎, Nine Dragons and Five Tigers) is an ideal place for overhead views of the rice terraces. The Qixing Banyue (七星伴月, A Moon Accompanied by Seven Stars) is a great place for panoramic views of the fields. Don’t miss the unique Zhuang minority dwellings in the village, especially in September and October when the locals hang lots of red peppers and golden corncobs under the roofs.

After you finish your photography in the rice terraces, you will be transferred back to Guilin City. If you are still flying high, you can continue your photography experience with Guilin’s night scenes along the 2 Rivers and 4 Lakes!

Day 6: Guilin Departure

As your tour concludes, your guide will take you to the airport and assist you with check-in to ensure that there is no stress for your departure. We trust that that you have enjoyed you time in Guilin and we look forward to serving you again.

Interested? Each tour can be tailored.