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The Great Wall of China

The Mutianyu Great Wall

Greatest Tourist Attraction in the World: The Great Wall of China is one of the greatest sights in the world. The longest wall in the world, it is an awe-inspiring feat of ancient defensive architecture. Its winding path over rugged country and steep mountains takes in some great scenery.

Greatest Human Feat in History: The Great Wall is the building project with the longest duration and greatest cost in human lives, blood, sweat and tears. It deserves its place among "the New Seven Wonders of the World" and the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in China.

The Goal of Millions: Perhaps the most powerful advertising words in history come from the mouth of Chairman Mao: "Until you reach the Great Wall, you're no hero." ("不到长城非好汉") Figuratively this means 'to get over difficulties before reaching a goal'.

If your goal is to reach the Great Wall, we at China Highlights are here to help you get over all the difficulties.

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Choose a Section: The Great Wall is made up of many sections, stretching across eight provinces of North China. See "Great Wall Sections" to compare the Great Wall at various locations and make your choice of where you would like to visit.

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Great Wall History

The Great Wall of China was built mainly to protect the Chinese Empire from northern invaders. The first sections were built in the Seventh Century BC when China was still divided into many small states.

The construction of the Great Wall continued until the beginning of the Qing Dynasty (1644). Now, in the PRC era, several sections of the wall have been restored as tourist attractions and in other places the wall is quite well preserved. Read more on the history of the Great Wall

Great Wall Facts

The great wall of China at JinshanlingGreat Wall of China at Jinshanling

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