Mutianyu Great Wall Tour
2 Hours Hiking Difficulty:
Mutianyu Great Wall

The most popular attraction in Beijing on Trip Advisor, and most recommend section with international travelers, guidebooks and travel bloggers.

The Popular Day Hiking
3 Hours Hiking Difficulty:
Simatai West Jinshanling

Simatai is a more wild and rugged section with only minor supportive restorations. The hike takes 3-4 hours, arriving on a partly restored section of Jinshanling.

The Long Day Hiking
5 Hours Hiking Difficulty:
Jiankou Mutianyu

Hike about 5 hours from the rugged original Jiankou section to the completely restored Mutianyu section, experiencing the magnificent ruins and restorations.

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Wilder Great Wall Hiking

Hike on the wilder, rugged and restored section of the Great Wall, all in one day! Our most popular day hike offers amazing photography, less tourists and a richer experience. Don't settle for less if you want to truley experience the Great Wall.

1 Wild, Rugged, Preserved & Original Parts

These Great Wall hiking routes covers the wild, ruined, rugged, preserved, original, and restored sections. The Jiankou section is the most challenging, followed by the section from Gubeikou to Simatai West.

2 Amazing Photography

Hiking on the wild Great Wall allows you to photograph the original and authentic walls. The most photographed Great Wall sections are Jiankou, Jinshanling, and Simatai. Do not miss the panoramic views and varied gradients.

3 Unique History

These elaborately selected routes will let you discover the Great Wall sections built in different dynasties. Some of them were renovated in the Ming Dynasty (1368—1644). See the different bricks and learn about the fortifications in ancient China. 

Specialist Hiking Guides
Peter "Knowledgable"

A tour guide and English teacher for many years, leading walking holidays. He is a treasure trove of information. He's a keen photographer and likes to point out some interest spots to take a shot. Like most of our guides, he's hiking on the Wall over 200 days a year!

Tao "Fun"

A Beijing tour guide before defecting to the mountains, Tao's motto is 'To the top!'. He has been a Great Wall hiking guide for over 3 years, and is one of those people who is fun to be with, his humor and hiking route knowledge means your time with Tao is top!

Cheney "Energetic"

Has hiked over 32 sections of the Great Wall, at Simaitai and Jingshanling 400 times. He's a serious hiker and nice guy to go trekking with. Just don't ask him "how many bricks were used to build the Wall" he loves that question!

4-Day Jiankou to Simatai West Great Wall Hiking Tour

It is a tour for discovering two of the best Great Wall hiking routes, each with the striking contrast of original and reconstructed Great Wall sections. See how the original Great Wall used to be and challenge yourself with the rugged steps.

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5-Day Jiankou to Simatai West Great Wall Hiking Tour

Hike the most renowned wild Great Wall sections in the Beijing area — Jiankou, Gubeikou, and Simatai West. Appreciate the bleak but picturesque scenery of the wild wall, and the authentically restored glory of the Mutianyu and Jinshanling sections.

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6-Day Jiankou to Simatai West Hiking Tour

It is a tour for hiking in four sections of Great Wall, including the wild walls at Jiankou, Gubeikou, and Jinshanling. At the Great Wall of Jiankou, you will challenge yourself on the wall with sharp rises and steep descents.

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7-Day Great Wall Hiking from Huangyaguan to Mutianyu

It is a considered tour designed for energetic people who plan to hike more on the Great Wall. China Highlights selects five sections of Great Wall, which can show you the changing perspectives of restored and original walls.

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360°Aerial Panorama of The Great Wall
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Questions & Answers

1 Can anyone do this?

Customers from 5 years old to senior couples in their 70's have hiked on the Great Wall with us. So the key factors are how fit you are and the weather. Some rugged and steep sections are challenging, but your private guide is patient and if you need more time then so be it! Free trekking poles are also available.

2 What's the trail condition like?

There are paths, steps, trails covered with fallen leaves, firm sections, brick sections to a few sections with loose bricks and dusty areas with small stones, to partly repaired or restored to original and crumbling. Generally, the condition is a pleasant surprise to most customers. We recommend you use walking boots that offer support and protection from loose bricks or rocks that your feet might kick. The sole is best to be non-slip in case of rain.

3 How many per group?

This is a private tour, so it will be just you and the people who travel with you. If you join a mini-group hike, the numbers will typically be less than 6, but contact us to confirm.

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Photography on the Great Wall