Zhengzhou Nightlife

Zhengzhou is the capital city of Henan Province, like other commercial cities in China, the nightlife in Zhengzhou are mainly singing in the KTV and going to the bars, tea houses and cafés. If one is interested in the traditional Chinese opera, he/she can watch the performance of Henan opera.

Bars and Cafés

Coco Conception Pub (Coco概念酒吧)

  • Address: No.221, Shangcheng Road, Guancheng District (管城区商城路221号)

Hongla Fang Club (红辣坊会员俱乐部)

  • Address: No.220, Zhongyuan Zhong Road, Zhongyuan District (中原区中原中路220号裕达国贸6楼)
  • Tel: 67438888-98818

C'est La Vie Café

  • Address: No.2 Building, International Trade Center, Fengchan Road, Jinshui District (金水区丰产路国贸中心2号楼创意studio1单元403室)
  • Tel: 0871-87091153

Wheat Café (麦子咖啡馆)

  • Location: Near the crossing of Dongming Road and Hongzhuan Road in Jinshui District (金水区东明路与红专路交叉口向北30米)
  • Tel: 0371-60829999

Henan Opera (Yu Opera) 豫剧

Yu opera is a local opera in Henan with unique features. Paying great attention to singing, the roles in Yu opera also consists of male roles, female roles, painted roles and clowns, like Beijing opera. Watching the Yu opera and tasting a cup of Chinese tea, it is real a great experience to have a close encounter with the Zhengzhou lifestyle.

  • Place to Watch the Opera: Chaxiang Cun Traditional Opera and Tea House (茶香村戏曲茶楼)
  • Address: No.3, East Taikang Road, Jinshui District (金水区东太康路3号)

Questions and Answers About Zhengzhou Nightlife

abdul 2011-08-07
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I am seeking a club that plays good hip hop music here in Zhengzhou. Does a hip hop club even exist in Zhengzhou?
Hello. There is a club called "Hip Hop Gang 嘻哈帮" in Zhengzhou, and they are famous in China's hip hop circle. You can contact them by the below information, but I am not sure if they speak English. Address: Room 2017, 20F, Jincheng Guomao Dasha, at the crossing of Zijingshan Road and the mouth of Shangcheng Road. (郑州紫荆山路商城路口金成国贸大厦20楼2017室) Tel: 0371--60118500 Mia Yang replied on 2011-08-10
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