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Songzhuang Artist Village

Location:Tongzhou District (about 30 km / 19 miles east of downtown)

The Songzhuang Artist Village is located in Tongzhou District, eastern suburbs of Beijing. It is the biggest and most famous artist community in Beijing, with over 2,000 artist residents. It has built international fame for Chinese contemporary art. Most of the residents are painters, sculptors, calligraphers and photographers of varying styles, ranging from avant-garde to academic. Art galleries and exhibitions will be a feast for your eyes, and there is the open air art market where you might have some interesting findings. A visit to Songzhuang is convenient from Beijing, less than one hour ride by car.

Songzhuang Art Festival

The first inauguration of Songzhuang Art Festival in 2005 was a success, gathering both domestic and international praise and speculation. Subsequent years’ festivals are held annually and have strengthened the already famous reputation of Songzhuang as being a unique phenomenon of artists and art lovers at home and abroad.

This year (2009), the fifth Songzhuang Art Festival kicked off on September 19, and lasted until October 12, and more than 2,000 pieces of art creations of over 1,000 Chinese and international artists were on exhibition at the festival.