Qianling Park

The park was named for the Qianling Mountain, which is the most famous mountain in southern Guizhou. As one of the noted attractions on the Guizhou plateau, it boasts clear water, green mountains, tranquil forests and old temples. Inside the park, trees verdantly grow and streams gurgle down into the valley. There is a "holy fountain" up the mountain whose water is so clean that local people consider it coming from the heaven. The flowing steams from the fountain and the mist surrounding the forest make it one of the greatest eight scenic spots in Guiyang. The lake of Qiangling lies at the foot of the mountain like a green pearl. Trees and pavilions are seen around the lake, which constitutes a peaceful and elegant atmosphere for the visitors. More than 500 energetic and enchanting macaques live in the mountain in the park and this add to the features of the park.

qianling lake

About 1500 kinds of trees and flowers as well as 1000 kinds of herbs have been found there in the Qianling Mountain. And there are gregarious macaques and flocks of birds too. Visitors may go up the winding path to the Hongfu Temple up the hill. This temple is one of the most famous Buddhism temples in Guizhou province, which is first built in the year 1672. On the way to the temple, up in the sharp cliffs, stone inscriptions can be seen here and there. Among them, the most notable one is the 6.2-meter-high and 3.7-meter-wide Chinese character of "Tiger", which was written by a man called Zhao Dechang in the year 1860. Its calligraphy is skillful and unique and is of high history value. Up on the top of the mountain, there is a pavilion, which overlooks the whole city. Down at the foot of the mountain, lies the mirror-like lake of Qianling. On its bank, among the trees, stands a memorial for the martyrs who died during the war of liberation of Guizhou Province.

There is a Kylin Cave up the mountain, which is also one of the key cultural relic preservations in Guizhou Province. During the the War of Resistance against Japan, the patriotic generals Zhang Xueliang and Yang Hucheng were captured and imprisoned here at the cave.

The "holy fountain" is also referred to as the "increscence fountain" or the "strainer fountain". It is in a village called Shanqiao, which is about 600 meters to the southwest of Qianling Lake. The altitude there is 1180 meters, 90 meters higher than that of the lake. The waters originate from among the rocks half way up the mountain and its volume may vary hundreds of times during a day, which gives it the name of "increscence fountain".