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China Weather in September

September marks the beginning of autumn weather. The summer heat begins to wane, and the weather in the north becomes cooler. In South China, the hot and humid weather continues but it is gradually replaced by autumn cooler and drier weather by the end of this month. There may still be a week when there is prolonged rain, but it is usually not as heavy.

China Highlights lists five best places to visit in the cool September.

Average September Weather in Major Chinese Cities

BeijingShanghaiGuilinGuangzhouHong KongXi'anHangzhouKunmingChengdu
High (°C)262731323025282325
Low (°C)152122242616201619
Rain (mm)461377616628892145119119
High (°F)798187908677827377
Low (°F)597071757961686166
Rain (in)2537114655

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September Clothes

Clothing: Shorts and short sleeves are enough during the daytime on most days, but bring something warmer for the evenings.

Other recommended items: umbrella, sun cream, sun glasses and sun hat.

See September clothing suggestions for Beijing, Shanghai, Guilin, Hong kong and Xian.

Why Visit China in September?

  • September is generally dry in North China, which is good for sightseeing.
  • September is one of the best times to visit Tibet and the Silk Road.
  • There are no public holidays in September so China's top attractions are not so heavily packed.
  • It is not quite so hot in the South.

Disadvantages of Visiting China in September

  • It is the peak travel season. Tourist destinations are crowded. Train tickets for the popular routes are sometimes hard to get, and good discount on flights and hotels are rarely available.

Top September Destinations


September is still a good time to visit Tibet, with still enough warmth for comfort, and the visibility is good. See Tibet Weather

Silk Road

The weather conditions are pleasant. The suitable time to travel along the Silk Road is from late spring to early Autumn (May, June, July, August, September and October, to be specific).  Although summer weather can be scorching, it is a dry heat, so more comfortable than in the tropics and coastal areas. The scenery is the best when the fruit becomes ripe, with flowers in full bloom and green grass in the grassland areas. See Silk Road Travel Tips

Inner Mongolia

September's weather still permits a pleasant visit to the glasslands. See Inner Mongolia Weather

Weather in September by City