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China Weather in August

China is in the peak of the summer tourist season in August. It is wet and scorching in most of China. Highs of over 35°C (95°F) occur frequently in regions south of the Yangtze River like Nanjing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanchuang, Fuzhou and Changsha. These are China's hottest places in summer. Even Beijing has seen unusually hot days in recent years. August is the busiest month for travel, because most Chinese schools are on holiday. Tourist attractions may be filled with domestic tourists. August is a great time to visit Tibet.

Average August Weather in Major Chinese Cities

BeijingShanghaiGuilinGuangzhouHong KongXi'anHangzhouKunmingChengdu
High (°C)303133333131322430
Low (°C)212524252621241722
Rain (mm)16015817322744571156204201
High (°F)868892918888907586
Low (°F)707776777970756372
Rain (in)6679183688

August Clothes

Clothing: Shorts, short sleeves skirts are enough.

Other necessary stuff: umbrella, sun cream, sun glasses and sun hat.

See August clothing suggestions for Beijing, Shanghai, Guilin, Hong Kong and Xi'an.

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Why Visit China in August?

  • August is hot, so you can travel light.
  • August, with its optimum weather, is one of the best times to visit China's (otherwise inhospitable) outlying drier areas like Tibet, the Silk Road and the glasslands of Inner Mongolia (see below).

Disadvantages of Visiting China in August

  • Seasonal typhoons hit China's Southern coast, so you may end up getting drenched or delayed during your trip.
  • It is the peak travel season. Tourist destinations are crowded. Trains for the popular routes are hard to get, and good discounts on flights and hotels are rarely available.

Top August Destinations


August is one of the best times to visit Tibet. The weather in August is the most comfortable of the year, and the scenery is the best. See Tibet Weather.

Silk Road

The weather conditions are most pleasant. It is best to travel the Silk Road when it is warm, from late spring to early autumn (May to October).  Although summer weather can be scorching, it is a dry heat, so more comfortable than in the tropics. The scenery is the best when the fruit becomes ripe, with flowers in full bloom and green grass in the grassland areas. See Silk Road travel tips.

Inner Mongolia

July and August are the best two months to visit the glasslands. The grass is highest during this period. See Inner Mongolia Weather.

Weather in August by City

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