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China Weather in October

October is one of the best months to travel China, as long as you avoid the week-long Chinese National Day holiday from 1st to 7th October. The weather is very comfortable. The Chinese call this month golden October because of the pleasant weather conditions. Autumn arrives with cool days and nights. Autumn colors begin to appear across the country and generally get to their best at the end of the month. Autumn is the best season to visit the Great Wall. When autumn comes, the mountains are blanketed by colors of red, golden, yellow and brown, creating an amazing view, and the weather during the daytime is pleasant. See China's top autumn destinations

Average October Weather in Major Chinese Cities

BeijingShanghaiGuilinGuangzhouHong KongXi'anHangzhouKunmingChengdu
High (°C)192326292820232121
Low (°C)81517212310151215
Rain (mm)2263888715260877935
High (°F)667378848268737070
Low (°F)465963707350595459
Rain (in)124362331

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October Clothes

North China: It is cool during the day and chilly at night. Generally, a base layer with a light jacket is a good option of day time. You may need a warm sweater or fleece for the cooler evenings.

Central China:It is warm during the day and mild in the morning and evening. A light base layer for day time and a light jacket for mornings and evenings are recommended. You may also need to bring a warm sweater in the case the weather becomes cold.

South China:It is warm. Shorts are enough for day time. Long sleeves are recommended for morning and evening.

See October clothing suggestions for Beijing, Shanghai, Guilin, Hong Kong and Xi'an.

Why visit China in October?

  • The weather is very comfortable.
  • It is the best time to view fall foliage. One of the greatest rewards of traveling in China during this month is the nice view of fall foliage on your trip. (See Best Places to Enjoy Autumn Colors in China).
  • It is the best season to visit the Great Wall. See Great Wall Weather
  • It is the last recommended month to visit Tibet before the following spring. See Tibet weather

Disadvantages of Visiting China in October

  • The first week is China's National Day Holiday. Tourist attractions and transportation hubs are packed with domestic tourists. Hotels, train and flight tickets are hard to book.
  • On top of the Great Wall, it can be cold and windy.
  • From November to April, Tibet is not suitable for traveling because of the severe weather conditions, so October maybe barely warm enough at times.

Top October Destinations

The Great Wall

The natural scenery of the wall reaches its summit during this month, when the mountains are covered with a colorful carpet of vibrant reds, oranges and golds. Read more on the Great Wall


October is the last month during the year when Tibet is suitable for traveling. From November to next April, the region is not recommended due to its severe weather. See Tibet Weather

The Yellow Mountains

The Yellow Mountains offer autumn visitors a unique canvas with waterfalls, the sea of clouds, rocks and oddly-shaped pine trees set against the vibrant reds, oranges and golds. In late autumn, as the weather cools, parts of the mountains begin to develop occasional red splotches mixed with green, until the whole mountain is in fall colors. Read more on the Yellow Mountains.

The Silk Road

The period from May to October is the best time to travel. Weather conditions are pleasant from late spring to early autumn. In October the weather is no longer hot with an average temperature of 15°C (59°F). Read more on the Silk Road.

Weather in October by City

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