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China Weather in March

March is seen as the start of spring (for central China). Generally the winter cold is decreasing, and the weather is becoming warm. China has a big climate range — from subzero weather in the northeast to warm weather and blooming flowers in the south. Weather in March in China differs greatly from region to region.

China march climate map

The Northeast (e.g. Harbin) — freezing weather

It is still freezing in March in northeast China — Harbin, Changchun, Shenyang, and Dalian. The average low temperature is below zero, and the average high not much above. It snows sometimes. The average light or moderate breeze reinforces the feeling of cold.

The northeast is the coldest area of China. The freezing weather in winter has resulted in some of the best ski resorts in China, e.g. Yabuli, the best ski resort in China, is located near Harbin. This area’s golden traveling season is in winter, from December to February, but skiing and snow activities may still be possible in early March.

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North China (Beijing, Datong, Luoyang) — snow melts

North China starts to warm up and snow melts more than it stays. However, it's still very cold. Beijing in March is like Washington DC (except for the Beijing dust storms and dryness) — sometimes quite chilly and often windy.

Temperature differences between day and night are large — more than 10°C (50°F). The average temperature rises to above 10°C (50°F) in the day, but it drops to around 0°C (32°F) at night.

Sandstorms and foggy (smoggy) weather are possible in this month for cities in north China.

East China (Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou) — cool, becoming wetter

East China becomes wetter as a prelude to the late spring/summer monsoon season. Around half the month sees daily drizzle. The average high and low temperatures are 14°C (57°F) and 6°C (43°F). It is quite windy. Light to moderate breezes are common.

The South (Guangzhou, Guilin, Hong Kong) — flowers are blooming

Flowers, Shangrila in GuilinFlowers blooming in Guilin's countryside

In the South, people begin to take off thick overcoats and put on spring clothes. In late March, rape and peach flowers are blooming and trees and grass put forth new growth. March is the mild, drizzly season in south China. Take Guilin for example, where daily drizzle builds towards the monsoon rains of May/June.

The Southwest (Yunnan) — comfortable and dry weather

March is very comfortable for traveling around Yunnan region — Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, and Xishuangbanna. Unlike in most of China’s south, it is dry with very little rain. The daily average high is around 20°C (63°F), while it is about 5°C (43°F) at night — mild with a big day-night difference.

China march rainfall map

March Weather for Major Tourist Cities


Average high

Rainy days

Foggy days


11°C (51°F) 




9°C (48°F)




12°C (53°F)




13°C (55°F )




17°C (62°F ) 




21°C (70°F)



Traveling Around China in March

Best March Destinations in China

Scenery in march in GuilinBeautiful spring scenery in March, Guilin

March is a very good season to travel to South China (Guangzhou, Guilin, Hong Kong). The weather is mild/warm with flowers blooming and fresh green leaves. The rainy season is yet to come. South China’s rainy season usually arrives in April and continues to July/August. Other recommendations include:

  • Sanya: warmest city, average high 29℃ (84°℉)
  • Chengdu: mild and dry weather, average high 16 ℃(60℉), rainfall 20mm (0.8 ”)
  • Kunming: dry and comfortable weather, average high 21°C (70°F), rainfall 17mm (0.7”)

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There are many flower festivals and three notable temple fairs in central and south China in March. See more Major Events and Festivals in March.

The Best Low-Season-Travel Month — fewer crowds and mild weather

March is still in the low travel season — China’s high travel season begins in April and continues to October, with July and August the busiest months. It sees fewer crowds at tourist attractions, and it is warmer than December, January, and February.

It is the last month that hotels in major China tourist cities offer the low-season price. Most hotels will raise prices by 30–40% from April to October. Beijing is an exception — hotels in Beijing begin to raise prices in mid-March.

Recommend Clothes for March Travel

China march clothing guide map

Carry a range of clothes if you are visiting the north and center/south in the winter/spring crossover.

  • The Northeast: The average high is about 2℃(36℉). Warm clothes such as thick overcoat, sweater, hat, gloves and scarf are necessary.
  • North & Central: Overcoats, long underwear, and fleeces are recommended.
  • The East: Long sleeves, pants, a light windproof jacket, and waterproof/umbrella are recommended.
  • The South: A thin sweater and jacket are enough.
  • The Northwest and Tibet: Not suitable/recommended for tourism.

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March Weather in China's Major Tourist Cities