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Hohhot Food


In Hohhot, you will have a taste of typical Mongolian food and drinks, such as milk tea, toasted millet, boiled skim milk, cream, and tender finger mutton. When you are offered mare's milk wine, the beautiful Mongolian girls will sing the toast song and present you with a "Hada" - a piece of light blue silk to show blessing.

Special Dishes

Mongolian food and drink are characterized by their strong local flavors. Visitors will always discover a feast for their eyes as well as their appetites.

Genghis Khan Roasted Meat on an Iron Plate

This dish is very popular in Central Asia, Southern Russia and other parts of the world. According to an old legend, Genghis Khan liked this dish very much, and as he led his army on his many conquests of other tribes and countries, this favorite dish became wide-spread. The making of the dish is unique. Meat, such as mutton, pork, beef, chicken or fish, should first be sliced, and then roasted on a heated iron plate. Next, the meat is seasoned with sauce, pepper, mustard, ginger and mashed garlic before eating. The finished entrée is very delicious and fragrant, with a special flavor all its own.

Mutton Fondue

Mongolian mutton fondue dates back to the Yuan Dynasty. In different regions there are different ways of enjoying this dish. In Inner Mongolia, material for a fire pot usually comes from sheep’s brain, back, back legs and tail. When eating mutton fondue, the mutton will be sliced and boiled quickly, and then seasoned with sauce, shrimp oil, fermented bean curd and chive florets.



Shaomai is a popular local delicacy, and enjoys a long history in Hohhot. As long ago as the Qing Dynasty, it had won a wide popularity in Beijing due to the unique technique of its preparation, the fine raw materials, nice and thin wrappers, delicious fillings and all necessary ingredients and seasonings. The hot Shaomai tastes delicious and is pleasing in form. Visitors to Hohhot always enjoy a taste of Shaomai.

Naked Oat Flour

Naked oat is a kind of oat, and from it is processed naked oat flour. Naked oats are cold and salt-alkali resistant, and produce a low-yield crop with a short mature period. They are also high in protein and fat, as well as many kinds of microelements, such as iron, calcium and phosphorus, and others.

The naked oat flour is often processed in a special way. After washing and drying by airing, the naked oats will be baked and then milled into flour. The flour can then be made into noodles and other kinds of food.

Phoenix's Tail Cling to Facai

This famous dish derives its peculiar flavor from Inner Mongolia. It is made of facai, a kind of vegetable grown in Inner Mongolia, along with sparrow eggs and cucumber. Because the dish looks like a phoenix' tail, it is called Phoenix's Tail Cling to Facai. With a beautiful pattern and rich nutrition, this dish tastes delicious and is good for our health.

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