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Nanhua Miao Village

Nanhua Miao Village is in the southeast of Three Trees Town, 13 kilometers from Kaili. It is situated on the bank of the beautiful Bala River and faces the Lu (Rong) inter-provincial highway across the river.

Cottages in the village are built around the mountain and the Diaojiao buildings (wood houses propped up by wooden supports with ladders leading up) are like tier upon tier peaks rising one higher than another, tier upon tier, and are covered in the green forest. It is well known for the beautiful natural scenery and rich national customs.

In Nanhua Miao Village, the common social practice is very plain. And Gabaifu (a kind of opera) which contains wise philosophy, beautiful Yadiao song of Miaozu, Gushe assembly (performance of beating drum) with rich contents, and the wedding ceremony with special amenities have attracted both Chinese and foreign tourists for their typical cultural identity of Miao nationality. 

The total Miao population accounts for 100% of the villagers. The houses are made of wood in the Diaojiao buildings. The main clothing is a long Miao skirt in Bala River. The shape of big horn characterizes the silver decoration. The national holidays are "the Sisters Festival" on the second day of the second month on lunar calendar, "the Zongzi Festival" on the fifth day of the fifth month on lunar calendar, "the Eating New Things Festival" in the seventh month on lunar calendar and "the Miaozu Year" on the tenth month on lunar calendar.