Lashi Lake and Zhiyun Temple


Lashi Lake is the first Wetland nature reserve in Yunnan Province. It is suitable for sightseeing and bird watching.


Covering an area of 5330 hectares, Lashi Lake is a paradise for birds. There are about 57 bird species at Lashi Lake Wetland, and every year, about 30,000 birds migrate there to escape winter cold. There are 9 rare species have been found there, including black-neck cranes and black cranes.

Zhiyun Temple

Standing by the mirrorlike Lashi Lake, Zhiyun Temple is one of the five famous temples in Lijiang. It was built in 1727 during the Qing Dynasty. The grand hall can seat hundreds of Lamas, and the architecture is rather special: it has the most number of pillars among the temples in Lijiang. The hall is about 13 meters high, and the doors and windows are all carved with exquisite workmanship with three layers. Peaches grown in the temple are well-known for the big size and sweet taste.

Best Time to Visit

Lashi Lake is suitably for visiting all year round except for the rainy season. Actually the best time to visit Lashi Lake is in winter, after December, when over 30,000 birds migrate there to escape the winter cold. Boating is the most relaxing way for sigtseeing and bird watching. Visitors can rent boats and pedal by themselves. Horse riding or biking around the lake are also very good choices. Early morning and at dawn are the times when the lake is the most beautifu.


It is about 20 kilometers west of Lijiang City. It takes about 30 minutes by car. Visitors can go there by taxi.

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