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Pingyao Attraction

Although Pingyao is only a small county in Shanxi Province, it is really a famous tourist destination in China, because it is one of the top four undamaged ancient towns in China. Below are the main Pingyao’s attractions which enjoy high popularity. Mian Shan (Mian Mountain) is noted for its natural scenery and cultural and religious relics. The rest attractions are all in the ancient town, including family courtyard, ancient castle, Mingqing Ancient Street, ancient bank, ancient city wall and temple.

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Most Popular Pingyao Attractions

The Rishengchang Draft Bank

Pingyao is one of the birth places of Shanxi's banking and commercial businesses. As early as in 1824, Bank of Ri Sheng Chang (Sunrise Prosperity) initiated by Mr. Lei Lutai had begun its banking busines..

Ancient City Wall

Built with rammed earth inside and brick and stone outside, the ancient city walls measure 10 meters high and 6162.7 meters long with 3-5 meters wide tops. Except the southern wall, which zigzags a bit accord..

The Mingqing Street

The three-storey Market Tower is the center and joint point of the city streets. The buildings such as Ancient City Government seat, Town God's Temple, Confucius Temple, Military God Temple, Wealth God Temple..

Shuanglin Temple

Summary Shuanglin Temple (Double-Grove Temple) is one of the most important historical sites in Pingyao County, a famous historic and cultural county in China. The highlights in the temple are those th..

Qiao Family Compound

Summary The ornate Qiao Family’s Compound displays the special characteristics of North China residences of the Qing Dynasty (1636-1911). It was first built in 1756 in the Qing Dynasty and was renovated ..

Wang Family Courtyard

Wang family courtyard is an example in handing down and inheriting the five thousand years' old Chinese civilization and a peak-usurping masterpiece of Chinese civil residence architecture of Qing Dynasty. It..

Zhangbi Ancient Village

Summary Zhangbi Ancient Village (张壁古堡), also known as Zhangbi Ancient Castle, is an ancient multi-functional castle, integrating military, residential, productive and religious functions into a lit..

Mianshan Mountain

Summary Mian Shan (绵山 /Myen Shan/ ‘Silky’ Mountain) is noted for its natural scenery, especially for its cultural and religious relics. It is also the birthplace of Qingming Festival (Grave Cleanin..

Changjiazhuang Park

Characteristic It is recorded that the grand courtyard of the Chang family it the largest folk buildings in Shanxi Province. Some people who had the surname of Chang built the courtyard. Among those p..