Tengchong Travel Guide

Tengchong at the Tea-horse Road is a famous historical city bearing witness to the rise, prosperity and falling of that significant trade route. The city remains every aspect brought by the once thriving trade with aged streets lined with horse inns, shops selling horse gears and entertainment catering to those passing-by merchants. Walking along the tranquil streets, one can still feel the trading air of this former trade town.

Tengchong is at the westernmost edge of Yunnan Province located at a highland. It features a unique volcanic landscape with volcanic parks, hot springs, wetlands, waterfalls clustered among the region. Tengchong see increasingly more tourists in recent years after the highway connection with Dali and Baoshan. Tourism industry develops fast and tourism facilities improved considerably. Tengchong is leapfrogging rival destinations to emerge as a newly-rise coveting tourists city in Yunnan province.

Tengchong has a very pleasant weather with enjoy sunshine, mild climate and plentiful rainfall. It's possible to travel to Tongcheng all year round but the period from July to August with a lot of rains is not advised.


Volcanic Park

Tengchong has the biggest volcanic groups in China. Around 90 volcanic cones, 22 of whose vents are in good condition. Volcanic landscape such as Volcanic lake, cave, karst terrace dominates the area. Tengchong hence is renowned as the "Volcanic Museum" in China.

A Volcanic park was set up in the Mazhan town, 23 kilometers away from Tengchong town to provide tourists the possible best opportunity to enjoy the volcanic wonders.

Beihai Wetland

Beihai Wetland in TengchongWetland is a piece of turf-covered marshland floating on water. Large stretches of grassy turf float on the water, like a huge colorful flower carpet, under which is fathomless water. The Beihai Wetland is also a paradise for various species of flora and fauna.

Hot Sea

It is a cluster of more than 80 hot springs, geysers and several natural swimming pools. The waters have healing quality, which is believed to cure stress-induced ailments.Transportation to Tengchong

Tengchong is only accessible via highways. Departures from Kunming, Dali and Baoshan to Tengchong are available.

  • Kunming-Tengchong: 740 km, 12 hours
  • Dali-Tengchong: 5-6 hours
  • Baoshan-Tengchong: 3 hours

Note:The airport at Baoshan has flights to/from Kunming. Baoshan-Kunming: 40 minutes. It's much more convenient to take a flight to Baoshan first and then proceed to Baoshan through highway.


Chengchong town and the Hot Sea Scenic area has many hotels which can provide many levels comfort. The Tengchong Guangfang Hotel( Tengyue Road, Tengchong Town) is the best one in the town.

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