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Tianjin Vegetarian Restuarants

Heping District

Twin Lotus Vegetarian Guild Hall

The restaurant mainly serves purely natural and delicious meals. The environment there is pretty quiet and secluded. Besides, you can also enjoy Buddhist music there; the whole restaurant is filled with an atmosphere of Buddhism. The staff members are also very kind and sincere, making one feel very comfortable.

  • Chinese name:并蒂莲素食会馆Bingdilian Sushi Huiguan
  • Recommended dishes: dry-fried fungus (干烧三菌), stewed dried mushrooms, bean curd, and rape (吉祥三宝), fried “fish” in sugar and vinegar (糖醋手工鱼), baked bean curd in tinfoil (无名火豆腐), spicy boiled “fish” (水煮鱼), roast “duck” (烤鸭), pan-fried “eel” (香煎鳗鱼)
  • Kindly reminder: All of the vegetarian dishes there that look like or even taste like meat or fish, all actually contain vegetarian ingredients, so if you are a vegetarian you can be rest assured that you can eat them.
  • Average price per person:87 yuan
  • Address: Block B, 68 Changde Road, Heping District 和平区常德道68号B座
  • Tel: 022-23318629
  • Opening hours:11.30am – 10pm
  • Transportation:Take Bus 831, 845, 902, 951 or Sightseeing 2 and get off at the gymnasium, and then walk about 190 meters.
  • Special services: Parking is free, a swiping card facility is available, and takeaway dishes can be sent.

Hedong District

Seven Pattra Leaves Vegetarian Restaurant

All of the food served there is vegetarian. The environment is exceedingly peaceful and quiet, filled with a spirit of Buddhism. Besides, music and books about Buddhism can be appreciated and read there. One thing that should be taken into account is that smoking is forbidden there, for the benefits of the public health.

  • Chinese name: 七贝叶素餐厅Qi Beiye Sushi Canting
  • Recommended dishes: steamed “beef steak” (牛排),twice-cooked “pork” (回锅肉),five-colored boiled dumplings (五色水饺),Johnnycake (玉米饼),noodles with gravy (打卤面),covered tureen ( 一品锅),boiled “fish” with pickled cabbage and chili (酸菜鱼),stir-fried “sausage” ( 蝶恋花),braised “chicken” in curries (咖喱素鸡)
  • Kindly reminder: Maybe sometimes you will see what appears to be meat or fish, but actually they are vegetarian foods that are made to resemble the shape of meat or fish. And they may even taste more delicious than authentic meat and fish, from which we can have an idea of the excellent craftsmanship of the cooks. So even if you are a pure vegetarian, you can be rest assured that you can eat all of the food there.
  • Average price per person:51 yuan
  • Address: Floor 2, Pelagic Newfield Building, 1 Xinkai Avenue, Huayue Road, Hedong District (河东区新开路华越道1号远洋新天地2楼 )
  • Tel: 022-23371479
  • Opening hours:10am – 9pm
  • Transportation:Take Bus 902 or 856
  • Special services: A swiping card facility is available.

Hexi District

1. Peach Blossom Land Vegetarian Restaurant

The main foods served in the restaurant are vanilla cookies, Johnnycakes, noodles with various ingredients, and rice made from five kinds of cereals. The color, aroma and taste of the food there are all highly praised by many consumers. The environment is extremely quiet and secluded, making you feel that you are in a fictitious land of peace. Both inside and outside the restaurant are many peach blossoms which are pretty and pleasing to one’s eye.

In addition, if you are a believer in Buddhism, the staff there will send you optical disks and other materials related to Buddhism. Some consumers have reported that some of the food is cooked with too much oil and that the serving speed may be a bit slow. Some dishes may have the name, the appearance, and even the taste of meat or fish, but in fact they are all made from vegetarian ingredients. Therefore, pure vegetarians can be rest assured that they can eat the food there.

  • Chinese name:赏桃源素餐厅 Shang Taoyuan Su Canting
  • Recommended dishes: porridge made from yam (山药粥),roast “fish” (烤鱼),spicy diced “chicken” with peanuts (宫保鸡丁),curry “chicken” (咖喱鸡肉),sweet and sour “spare ribs” (糖醋排骨)
  • Average price per person:45 yuan
  • Address: Unit 6, 470 Jiefangnan Road, Hexi District(河西区解放南路470号增6号)
  • Opening hours:10am – 10pm
  • Tel:022-28225656
  • Transportation:Take Bus 628, 659, 682, 688 or 705 and get off at Auto Components City, and then walk about 80 meters.
  • Special services: Parking is free, a swiping card facility is available, and wireless internet is provided.

2. Satisfactory Vegetarian Restaurant

All of the food served there is vegetarian, even though much of it is made to resemble the shape and flavor of meat dishes. The service speed is fast. The restaurant is a bit small, and some decoration and articles may be a little old.

Many of the tables and chairs are made from wood, giving the restaurant a classical look. The whole restaurant is full of the aroma of Buddhism, and a few figures of Buddhism are enshrined and worshipped inside. Once you enter the restaurant, you will immediately be quieted down by the music and the flavor of Buddhism. And many Buddhist scriptures there can be read for free. The price of the food may be a bit high, but the taste is excellent.

  • Chinese name:圆满素食林 Yuanman Sushi Lin
  • Recommended dishes: baked bean curd with the taste of slices of meat, sea cucumber and bamboo shoots (烧三丝),braised “ribbonfish” (红烧带鱼),bean curd with bamboo and a meat flavor (竹香小方玉),spicy “chicken” (辣子鸡),sweet and sour “hairtail” (糖醋带鱼)
  • Kindly reminder: The “meat” and “fish” are all made from vegetarian ingredients.
  • Average price per person:48 yuan
  • Address: 112 Suzhou Road, Hexi District 河西区苏州道112号
  • Tel: 022-24931496
    Transportation:Take Bus 619, 632, 657, 678, 706, 826 or 953 and get off at Honghua Village, and then walk about 80 meters.
  • Special service: A swiping card facility is available, and takeaway dishes can be sent.

3. Qing Lai Yue Vegetarian Pavilion

The restaurant is characteristic of vegetarian diets, emphasizing the vegetarian ideas of having healthy, green and fashionable meals. It pays special attention to the nourishment of life, and advocates natural sapor. Besides, the restaurant observes and studies the ingredients carefully, and makes meals with a rigorous attitude in order to enrich the varieties of vegetarian dishes and diversify the flavor.

The environment inside is very spacious and clean, making you feel easy and comfortable. All the articles there are of high orderliness, making you feel refreshed. One drawback is that the serving speed may be a bit slow. In addition, the restaurant promises that 1% of the total amount of your bill will be used to support the culture of Buddhism and charities, that monks can enjoy meals for free and that on the first day and the fifth day of the lunar months, it will give away porridge as charity.

  • Chinese name:青来悦素菜轩 Qing Lai Yue Sucai Xvan
  • Address: 3 Huanhudong Road, Hexi District河西区环湖东路3号
  • Tel: 13920018961
  • Transportation:Take Bus 13, 511, 608, 619, 628, 668, 675, 677, 682, 685, 686, 835, 857, 859, 866 or 870 and get off at Binshui Bridge, and then walk about 50 meters.

Hebei District

Shu He Xvan Tea Art and Health Maintenance Vegetarian Restaurant

The restaurant devotes itself to the propagation of the food culture of Buddhism and to the upholding of the environment’s preservation. It cherishes the idea of respecting lives and teaches people how to live a healthy and honorable life; a life in which human beings, other lives and nature can live together harmoniously.

It advocates the environmentally friendly, low carbon, and fashionable vegetarianism. The environment of the restaurant is simple but elegant; the dishes there are healthy and delicious as well as affordable; the staff members are honest and kind; the profound cultural connotation is evident there. All of these have attracted plenty of consumers from all walks of life.

  • Chinese name:殊和轩茶艺养生素斋 Shu He Xvan Chayi Yangsheng Su Zhai
  • Average price per person:87 yuan
  • Address: Floors 1 and 2 of Green Tree Inn Chain, 298 Sanma Road, Hebei District天津市河北区三马路298号格林豪泰酒店底商
  • Tel: 022-26268555
  • Opening hours:10am – 9:30pm
  • Transportation:Take Bus 1, 177, 609, 610, 619, 646, 670, 818, 878 or K1 and get off at Jingang Bridge, then walk to the Great Mercy Yard Branch of the Green Tree Inn Chain, and the restaurant will be seen;or take Bus 4, 34, 516 (west line), 607, 611, 611 (direct bus), 632, 659, 802, 863, 869, 878, 904 or Tanggu Special Line and get off at Hebeisanma Road.