dazu grottoes

Essence Of Chongqing Tour And Yangtze Cruise

Suggested Itinerary
Day 1 Arrival in Chongqing

Meet your private guide at the exit of your arrival hall. Your professional private guide will drive you direct to your hotel. They will help you check in, aiming to give you a stress-free arrival.

Day 2 The Dazu Grottoes Tour
dazu grottoes 

Today you will spend your whole day in discovering the Dazu Grottoes, where you will appreciate the representatives of China’s rock carvings in the Tang and Song Dynasties (618 — 1279). Due to the inconvenient transportation in the past, these precious rock carvings were well-protected from warfare and artificial destructions during hundreds of years. So you can walk through these five mountains to enjoy the authentic historical rock carvings. 

Day 3 The Chongqing Zoo, Eling Park, and Ciqikou Ancient Town Tour
giant panda 

Today you will visit three highlights in Chongqing city area. 

See giant pandas in the Giant Panda Room and some other rare animals including golden hair monkeys and South China tigers in Chongqing Zoo. 

Visit the Eling Park to share the local people’s daily happiness of playing mahjong, playing music, and doing exercise, and to appreciate the graceful views over the Jialing River and the ancient buildings in the park (especially the former Australian Embassy building). 

Stroll in Ciqikou Ancient Town to discover this ancient commercial center with well-preserved ancient buildings. There you can enjoy interesting traditional performances, spot your favorite souvenirs from numerous stalls, and taste local snacks.

Your private driver will transfer you to the pier for your boarding (from 5pm to 8pm), and your cruise ship will depart at 9pm. 

Day 4 The Yangtze River Cruise
Fengdu Ghost City 

You will cruise downstream on the Yangtze River at Chongqing Prefecture. A welcoming banquet and a dancing part will be held on the ship. Enjoy yourself with the graceful scenery along the cruise.

In the afternoon, you will take a shore excursion to Shibao Village, an isolated peak with an ancient temple built in the Qing Dynasty (1644—1911). The fantastic buildings, the exquisite carved beams and painted rafters, and the interesting legendary are the highlights on the village.

If you are interested in traditional Chinese culture of the nether world, the optional tour to Fengdu Ghost City is recommended. There are many buildings built according to the traditional descriptions in China, reflecting Chinese people’s imagination of the nether world.  

Day 5 The Yangtze River Cruise
qutang gorge 

You will cruise across the essence of the Yangtze River — the section of the Three Gorges (including Qutang Gorge, the Wu Gorge, and the Xiling Gorge). Remember to get your camera prepared, it’s the most scenic section.

During the cruise, you will take a shore excursion to Shennong Stream, where you will take a boat to discover this tributary of the Yangtze River with fast-flowing and clear water runs southwards through deep gorges.

If you are interested in Chinese calligraphy, the optional excursion to the White Emperor City is a nice choice. There you can see the view of the scenery printed on the back of 10-yuan bank note and can appreciate the stone inscriptions of calligraphy dating to hundreds of years ago.

Day 6 The Three Gorges Dam Tour and Yichang Departure
three gorges dam on yangtze river 

You will continue your Yangtze River cruise and arrive at Yichang Pier approximately at 1pm. 

During your cruise this morning, you will stop off to visit the world’s largest water conservancy project — the Three Gorges Dam. Getting access to the top of the dam, you will enjoy the magnificent scenery of the Yangtze River.

Your private guide and driver will wait for you arrival in Yichang Pier. Two hours before your boarding time, they will transfer you to the airport.

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