Northern Classics

8 Days Beijing  – Pingyao Ancient Town  – Xi'an

One week tour to visit three “bright pearls” in the north part of China. They are full of culture, history and enjoy personal touch with your guide in each city.

Full Itinerary
Day 1 Arrive in Beijing

Hotel: Beijing Marriott Hotel (Deluxe Room)

Airport to Hotel Transfer (Beijing)
Your guide, driver and private car will be waiting for you when you arrive in Beijing at the airport. They will help you with your luggage and check-into the hotel. 

Your afternoon or evening is for you to relax and recover after your long international flight. Your guide will also help point out to you places to eat or what you can do nearby your hotel.

Day 2 Visit some classical sights in Beijing

Hotel: Beijing Marriott Hotel City Wall (Deluxe Room)
Breakfast & Lunch

Visiting Beijing’s Classic Sights 

After a hearty breakfast you will be ready to explore some of Beijing’s classic sights. Your guide will be waiting in the lobby for you when you are ready to roam.  A visit to Tian’anmen Square located in the center of the city, has great cultural significance. Head to the north gate, and you can get panoramic shots overlooking the Square.

Make your way through the Forbidden City an important and historical monument that will open your eyes to what life was once like in the Imperial Palace. Take a rickshaw to the Hutongs from the Bell Tower to the Drum Tower to capture the experience of this once ancient lifestyle.  Visit a family who has lived in the Hutong for generations and hear their life story.  Enjoy the lunch at a local restaurant.

Enter into a Chinese Village Kindergarten
Take a trip to Gaobeidian Village with a history of over 1000 years. You will have an opportunity to the village kindergarten to enjoy the children’s performance and play games with them.

Did you know …
Tiananmen Square is named after the Tiananmen Gate meaning Gate of Heavenly Peace and is located north of the square – the entrance to the Forbidden City.

The Tian'anmen Square The Tian'anmen Square
Day 3 The Great Wall Hiking

Hotel: Beijing Marriott Hotel ((Deluxe Room)
Breakfast & Lunch

Hiking on the Great Wall from Jinshanling to Simatai
Visit the wild and ruined sections of the Great Wall from Jinshanling to Simatai with your guide. The hike will take about 3-4 hours giving you some marvelous photographic shots. Your guide will point out the best places to shoot and take you to the less crowded sections of the Wall, a great favorite among photographers.

Good to know
If you a 3-4 hour hike is not for you just tell your guide and we can do it at your pace to one of the sections on the Wall.

Jinshanling Great Wall Jinshanling Section of the Great Wall
Day 4 Experience more Cultural Classics – Temples, Palaces and Gardens in Beijing

Hotel: Beijing Marriott Hotel (Deluxe Room)
Breakfast & Lunch

Visit more Cultural Classics and Royal Gardens 
Today, your guide will take you to see some classical royal relics, including the Temple of Heaven which was used by the emperor to offer prayers to the highest God. The Lama Temple (Yonghegong) has a rich imperial and Buddhist history of over 300 years. We then head to the Summer Palace also known as the Museum of Royal Gardens, which was initially built in 1750.  You can take a short boat ride on the lake to the Island Temple like the ancient royals in the Qing Dynasty.  We will lunch at the Jardine Matheson Spring Restaurant.

If you are an art or antique lover, the choice is yours to see :
The 798 Art District, once an abandoned factory built in the 1950s now displays the largest and most popular art zone in China. 

Good to know

Things to do in the evening – acrobatic shows, puppet theatre, or see a Beijing opera show!
The Summer Palace The Summer Palace
Day 5 Beijing to Taiyuan to Pingyao

Hotel: Yunjincheng Folk Hotel
Breakfast & Lunch

Morning Train (First Class) to Taiyuan Transfer
You will be transferred to the railway station for the morning train leaving Beijing at 08:30 and get to Taiyuan at 11:00 in the morning.  You will me met at the station in Pingyao and taken to your hotel.

Walk around the Pingyao Ancient Town
Go back in time as we explore Pingyao Ancient Town.  Considered the best ancient walled city in China, it is off-limits to cars so you can walk along the cobbled streets. The buildings are delicately constructed and decorated in a Ming and Qing style, comfortable and easy for visitors to appreciate the authentic flavor of old times.

Pingyao Ancient City Pingyao Ancient City
Day 6 Pingyao to Taiyuan to Xi'an

Hotel: Hilton Hotel Xi’an
Breakfast & Lunch

Visit Qiao Family Compound
After breakfast, your guide, driver and private car will be ready for you to visit Qiao Family Compound, a North China Folk House during the Qing Dynasty. Folk residences are the earliest architectural types in the history of China. These residences are usually in diversified forms with no restrictions and built according to local conditions.

Pingyao to Taiyuan Transfer
Leave the hassles of transfer to your guide, as you will be taken to the airport to get your flight to Xi’an – hometown to the Terracotta Soldiers.

Qiao Family Compound Qiao Family Compound
Day 7 See the Imperial Army - The Terracotta Warriors

Hotel: Hilton Hotel Xi’an
Breakfast & Lunch

Visit Xi’an’s Historic Site – The Terracotta Warriors
Visit the Terracotta Warriors of the Qin Dynasty. This magnificent army of Emperor Qin dates back to 210 B.C. Enjoy a lunch at A Wa Shan Zhan Restaurant before you turn back to the city center.

Big Wild Goose Pagoda
Visit the Big Wild Goose Pagoda and enjoy a walk around the park. The pagoda was built around 400 AD and offers a view of the city as you ascend to the top. 

Good to know
In the evening, you can visit the Muslim Quarter, walk around the many stalls and sample some of their local delicacies. The Bell Tower is nearby which is lit up at night.

The Terracotta Army The Terracotta Army
Day 8 Departure from Xi'an

Hotel: Hilton Hotel Xi’an

The Hotel to Airport Transfer
Enjoy a cozy and relax time before you head back home. The hotel to airport transfer is arranged for you in good time to get your flight.

Good to know
Enjoy free time or visit the Ancient City Wall or the Shaanxi Museum before your international flight.

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