xizhou houses of bai people

Yunnan Minorities Folk Tour

Suggested Itinerary
Day 1 Arrival in Kunming

When you walk out the luggage claim area, you will find your private guide is waiting for your arrival outside the gate, holding a welcome sign on which your names are clearly written. A professionally-chauffeured vehicle will transfer you direct to your hotel. Your guide will help you check-in and make sure everything at the hotel is fine. Relax during the rest of the day. 

Day 2 The Stone Forest and Jiuxiang Caves Tour
stone forest 

Walking in this magical karst landform, you will feel that the nature is the most powerful artist. This area used to be a vast sea, and the Stone Forest was formed over millions of years', created by the movement of the Earth. The peculiar-shaped gray stones tower there and tell you the changes. The folk custom of Yi minority in this area makes the Stone Forest even more attractive.

Jiuxiang Caves is about 26 kilometers from the Stone Forest. It is a place for you to appreciate the amazing stalactites and stalagmites, and explore China’s largest canyon within a cave — Jinghun Canyon (literally means Frightened Canyon).

Day 3 The Houses of Bai People in Xizhou, Ancient City of Dali, and the Erhai Lake Tour 
ancient town of lijiang yunnan 

Today you will fly from Kunming to Dali and discover the essential attractions in Dali.

Visiting the Houses of Bai People in Xizhou, you will feel the town’s prosperity in the Qing Dynasty. The exquisite caved beams and painted rafters of the elegant ancient buildings will prove that this town was once a trade center of Yunnan

Stroll among the rows of ancient dwellings in Ancient City of Dali, you can discover the architectural style popular hundreds of years ago, and maybe pick up your favorite handicrafts on the stalls. Hand craft is a specialty of the area.

A cruise on the Erhai Lake will let you enjoy the picturesque landscapes consisting of the lake, rolling mountains, and blue sties. You will also visit a fishing village.

Day 4 The Lijiang Ancient Town and Wangu Tower Tour
wangu tower 

You will be driven from Dali to Lijiang, escorted by your private guide in Dali.

Lijiang Ancient Town is the best-preserved minority ancient city. Most of the people living there are Naxi minority, some of whom are still live on making handicrafts of sliver, leather, textile, and some local snacks. Enjoy the quaint city scenery and see plenty of handicrafts in a distinctive style only found in this area of China.

Located on the top of Lion Hill, Wangu Tower is the landmark building of Lijiang ancient town. Stepping up to this 33-meter-high wooden building, you will have a bird’s eye view of the entire Lijiang Ancient City and the idyllic scenery in outskirts including an overlook of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. 

Day 5 The Baisha Murals and the Spruce Meadow on the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Tour
jade dragon snow mountain 

You will continue your discovery in Lijiang today.

Baisha Murals in Baisha Village was painting hundreds of years ago, and the painting took about 300 years. By appreciating these unique murals, you will learn about the cultures of Central China, Naxi Minority, and Tibet in that time and the stories of Tibetan Buddhism, Confucian, and Taosim. A visit to doctor Huo’s Clinic (和士秀医生, a doctor is professional on traditional herbal medicine) is included. If it’s not to your taste let us know, with China Highlights any tour can be customized.

The Spruce Meadow is a vast meadow at the foot of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, with an altitude of 3,240 meters. Besides appreciating the elegant natural landscapes and view towards Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, you will unlock the romantic legends with the help of your guide. If you are interested in photography, you will find it a perfect destination.

Day 6 The Tiger Leaping Gorge and the Stone Drum Town Tour
tiger leaping gorge 

Today you will take an excursion in Lijiang Prefecture to see the magnificent natural scenery.

Visit the Tiger Leaping Gorge to see China’s deepest gorge and to enjoy the scenery consisting of precipitous cliffs and rapids. In spring, melting snow flowing down from mountains makes the river turbulence at its peak, it’s a sight to behold. 

The Stone Drum Town stands the base of the mountain flanking First Bay on the Yangtze River, deriving its name from a white marble carved monument in the shape of a drum. In this town your guide will guide you the best position of viewing the first bent of the Yangtze River, which is famous for its V-shaped bay caused by three grand running rivers. 

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