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China Train Baggage Allowance

Carry-on baggage

The maximum carry-on baggage allowance for each adult passenger is 20 kg and 10 kg for each child. The total length of each item can not exceed 160 cm. The above limitation is not applicable to wheelchair, which can be brought onto the train for free. Baggage space is limited and must be stored in your car so it is advised to travel lightly.

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Prohibited Items

Things listed below are not allowed to bring onto a train or into a train station:

Explosive:  things with explosive quality such as firecrackers.

Dangerous items: Any weapon, such as knives, guns, offensive weapons.

Compressed gases: Petroleum gas, coal gas, oxygen, hydrogen, etc

Flammable liquids: Alcohol, retinol, multi-purpose adhesives, thinners, petrol, glass cement, paint spray, hydrogen peroxide, diesel oils, etc

Flammable solids: sulphur, aluminium powder, camphor, etc

Poisons: Arsenic trioxide, asphalt, emulsifier of all kinds, power pesticide, termite powder, pesticide spray etc