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Beijing – Moscow International Train — Timetable, Ticket Price, and Visa

There are two pairs of normal speed trains operating between Beijing and Moscow: K3/4 and K19/20 (in Russia, they are 003/004 and 019/020). If you plan to travel on these trains, please note that the journey takes 5 or 6 days.

However, the scenery on the way is very impressive. You can appreciate different scenery from three countries, such as grassland, the Gobi Desert, Lake Baikal, and views of the Russian countryside. Every day, you will see different scenery through the windows. This route is quite popular among travelers who love to enjoy scenery from a train.

  • Distance: 8,000 kilometers (5,000 miles) approx.
  • Journey: 5 or 6 days approx. 
  • Trains: 2 pairs of normal speed international trains (K3/4 and K19/20)

The Two Routes

Beijing to Moscow

K19/20 take longer than K3/4 because it goes northeast to Harbin before going west to Moscow, whereas K3/4 takes a more direct route via Ulan Bator.

Train Route Departs Arrives Journey Distance
K3 Beijing to Moscow Wednesday
122 h 36 min
(5 nights)

7,622 km
(4,736 mi)

K4 Moscow to Beijing Tuesday
131 h 55 min
(6 nights)
K19 Beijing to Moscow Saturday
138 h 58 min
(6 nights)
8,986 km
(5,584 mi)
K20 Moscow to Beijing Saturday
160 h 1 min
(7 nights)

Beijing–Moscow K3/4 (Via Ulan Bator) Trains

K3/4 Timetable (only major stops shown)

K3 (↓) Beijing to Moscow K4 (↑) Moscow to Beijing
Day Staying
Depart Arrive Station in English Station in Russian Arrive Depart Staying
Wed. - 11:22 - Beijing ПЕКИН 11:40 - - Mon.
0:08 17:04 16:56 Jining Nan ЦЗИНИННАНЬ 06:08 06:20 0:12
3:11 0:59 21:48 Erlian ЭРЛЯНЬ 21:00 1:20 4:20 Sun.
Border of China and Mongolia Border of China and Mongolia
Thu. 1:15 02:40 01:25 Zamyn-Üüd ДЗАМЫН УДЭ 19:50 21:35 1:45
1:05 15:25 14:20 Ulan Bator УЛАН БАТОР 07:50 08:30 0:40
Border of Mongolia and Russia Border of Mongolia and Russia Sat.
1:50 22:04 20:14 Naushki НАУШКИ 15:06 16:56 1:50
Fri. 0:30 02:44 02:14 Ulan-Ude УЛАН УДЭ 10:15 10:58 0:43
0:25 11:14 10:49 Irkutsk ИРКУТСК 02:29 03:14 0:45
Sat. 0:19 16:12 15:53 Novosibirsk НОВОСИБИРС 21:07 21:26 0:19 Thu.
0:20 23:46 23:26 Omsk ОМСК-ПАСС 13:37 13:53 0:16
Sun. 0:21 06:51 06:30 Tyumen ТЮМЕНЬ 06:17 06:37 0:20
0:20 17:36 17:16 Biel ПЕРМЬ 2 20:00 20:20 0:20 Wed.
Mon. - - 13:58 Moscow МОСКВА - 23:45 - Tue.

K3/4 Ticket Prices for 3 Different Sleeper Classes

Sleeper Class Deluxe sleeper: 2 berths per compartment Soft sleeper (1st class): 4 berths per compartment Hard sleeper (2nd class): 4 small berths per compartment
Price 1,118 USD 1,021 USD 700 USD

Beijing–Moscow K19/20 (Via Harbin) Trains

K19/20 Timetable (only major stops shown)

K19 (↓) Beijing to Moscow K20 (↑) Moscow to Beijing
Day  Staying
Arrive Depart Station in English Station in Russian Arrive Depart Staying
Sat. - - 23:00 Beijing ПЕКИН 05:49 - - Sat.
Sun.  0:06 0:35 0:41 Tianjin ТЯНЬЦЗИНЬ 03:52 03:59 0:07
0:08 08:47 08:55 Shengyang ШЭНЬЯН 19:26 19:34 0:08 Fri.
0:21 14:49 15:10 Harbin ХАРБИН 12:50 13:17 0:27
Mon. 2:43 04:18 07:01 Manzhouli МАНЬЧЖУРИЯ 18:30 23:59 5:29 Thu.
Border of China and Russia Border of China and Russia
4:37 03:26 08:03 Zabaikalsk ЗАБАЙКАЛЬСК 08:24 13:05 4:41
0:25 18:08 18:33 Chita ЧИТА 22:27 22:52 0:25 Wed.
Tue. 0:27 04:53 05:20 Ulan-Ude УЛАН УДЭ 11:21 11:46 0:25
0:30 13:25 13:55 Irkutsk ИРКУТСК 02:31 03:16 0:45
Wed. 0:39 06:35 07:14 Krasnoyarsk КРАСНОЯРСК 08:52 09:14 0:22 Tue.
0:19 18:39 18:58 Novosibirsk НОВОСИБИРС 21:07 21:26 0:19 Mon.
Thu.  0:54 14:47 15:41 Sverdlovsk Oblast ЕКАТЕРИНБ П 01:38 02:08 0:30
Fri. - 17:58 - Moscow МОСКВА - 23:45 - Sat.

K19/20 Ticket Price for 2 Different Sleeper Classes

Sleeper Classes Onboard Deluxe sleeper: 2 berths per compartment Hard sleeper: 4 small berths per compartment
Price 1,205 USD 778 USD

Good to Know

  • The departure/arrival times are provided in local time. So update your phone, watch, etc..
  • Prices and departure times might be adjusted. Contact us (or another ticketing agent) to confirm.
  • A child under 4 years old and accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket can travel ticket-free, if he/she doesn't occupy an individual berth.
  • At stations on a border, the train will stop for several hours to change the wheels for a different railway line because the railways' widths are different between countries. You can either stay on the train or get off to have a walk around.

Buy Train Tickets Online — the Most Convenient Way

passportValid ID is required when buying a ticket and boarding a train.

Valid ID is required when buying a ticket AND boarding a train:

  • Foreign passengers: passport
  • Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan passengers: Mainland Travel Permit

You are recommended to buy train tickets online with China Highlights' international train tickets service, providing detailed and helpful English guidance and a 24/7 service. A ticket delivery service is also available.

However, China Highlights only sells tickets for trains traveling from China to Russia. If you want to buy train tickets to get from Russia to China, you need to buy them at the Russian train station or website: http://pass.rzd.ru/main-pass/public/en

Visa Requirements

  • To take train K19/20, you need Russian and Chinese visas.
  • To take train K3/4, you need Russian, Mongolian, and Chinese visas, as this train also runs through Mongolia.
  • When you apply for a visa, regarding the date and time of entry into China, you can refer to the timetable above for Erlian Station (K4) or Manzhouli Station (K20).

International Train Facilities


  • The carriages on K3/4 have no air-conditioning, but you can open the windows.
  • The carriages on K19/20 have air-conditioning.

Toilet and Shower Facilities

Deluxe soft sleeper compartments are equipped with shower cubicles and a toilet with toilet paper.

Passengers in soft/hard sleeper compartments share one toilet, and there is no shower cubicle, but a washroom is available for brushing teeth in.

Power Sockets

There are two power sockets in each carriage, but you need to take a converter to be able to recharge your phone and camera.

Unfortunately, the voltage is sometimes too low and you may be unable to turn your laptop on. You can ask the conductor for help. It is useful to know that the power is cut off when the train stops.

Packing Tips

The following items are recommended when packing:

  • A pair of slippers to make yourself comfortable on the train, especially when you get on and off the berth
  • A SIM card for your phone, and also a needle to help replace your SIM card (remember to arrange a data plan in advance, as there is no Wi-Fi on the train)
  • A portable power source to recharge your phone and camera 
  • Enough clothes for 5 to 7 nights. There is no laundry service! Washing clothes by hand is not recommended as drying space is very limited.
  • Enough food and snacks (there is a restaurant carriage on the train but you may not be used to the limited options of local food)
  • Small gifts that you may want to give to other passengers on the train that you have spent a pleasant time with during the 6-day journey
  • A notebook or app that can help you translate some common expressions  
  • Cash in the local currency to buy some snacks and lunch/dinner on the train

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