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Wuxi Food

Steamed Bun in a Small Bamboo Steamer

It is made of top-grade flour with well selected ingredients by being steamed in a small bamboo steamer. The bun features thin coating and abundant fillings.

Wonton with “Three Fresh Ingredients”

Three Fresh Ingredients refer to the fresh meat, dried and shelled shrimps, preserved Szechuan pickle which are the main stuffings of this food. The seasoners include bone soup, dried bean curd shreds and egg shreds. The wonton with "three fresh ingredients" with thin coat, rich fillings and fresh soup, is a popular snack among locals.

Oil Dried Bean Curd

It is a traditional snack of Wuxi City. Slice hardened processed bean curd was sliced and then fried in a small pan till the color turns to golden. spices including ripe soy sauce, sweet flour sauce, minced scallion, minced ginger, crystal sugar are sprinkled before the food being served. This snack is tender inside and crisp outside with appetiting fragrance.

Other well-known dishes include Blue shrimps fried alive very quickly over hot fire, whitebait with crisp crust, shelled crystal shrimp, gluten with meat, crucian with butter, meat with preserved bean curd gravy

Muslim restaurants in Wuxi are concentrated around the mosque in 240 Changqing Road.无锡市长庆路250号. Continue to read halal food in China.

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