Xinjiang Transport

Xinjiang locates in the northwest of China with an area of 1,650,257 square kilometers, it is a large, sparsely populated area which takes up about one sixth of the country's territory.

As a developing province and transport hub in northwestern China. It can be reachable by air, by train, by land.


In Xinjiang, the Xinjiang Airlines manages eleven airports. The two of the eleven are 4E level-Urumqi and Kashgar; Korla and Hotan are 4D level; Aksu, Yining, Altay, Karamay, Tacheng are 3C level and, Kuqa and Qiemo are 2B level. There are total 59 routes, the Region has 12 inner routes, 40 routes for the domestic, 6 international routes and 1 to Hong Kong, which all served by 21 passengers’ planes.


The road in use has amounted to over 34,600 kilometers, including 7 national highways, 60 provincial highways and so forth. The road capability has been improved and initially has formed, Urumqi as the center, the land transportation network. In the Region, the 7 national highways as the main routes joins the 60 national provincial highways and many other roads like counties’, towns’ and villages’ bringing upon the easy commute. Out of the Region, the national highways connect to the central provinces through Gansu and Qinghai from the east, south to the Tibet, westward to the central and west Asian countries.

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