Zhuhai Shopping

Local Products


Large oysters are produced on the coast of Zhuhai, which is at the boundary of salt and fresh water. Oysters are rich in protein and minerals, and can be turned into a nutritious oyster sauce that is popular in Hong Kong and Macau, as well as in Southeast Asian.


Huangjin Village of Doumen District in Zhuhai (珠海市斗门区黄金村) produces the best eels, which are an excellent food source. Eels are prolific and popular in Hong Kong, Macao and Japan.

Seashell Ornaments

After a tour to a seashore city, the most exciting thing to do is to take home some seashore souvenirs. Many stores and smalls shops sell beautiful seashells and other small ornaments.

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Recommended Shopping Sites

Shopping Malls

Generally, most large-scale shopping malls and department stores in China supply both shopping services and tasting snacks. If not, you can find gourmet shops near the shopping mall or department store. Customers never have to worry about shopping while hungry. The following are a few of the large-scale stores on the roads of Zhuhai.


Japanese and Korean style cuisine is available at JUSCO, which is regarded as the largest supermarket in Zhuhai. Food, clothes and article of everyday use can be found here.

  • Address: No.1088, South Fenghuan Road, Xiangzhou District (香洲区香洲凤凰南路1088号)
  • Tel: 0756-2222988

Zhuhai Department Store 珠海百货广场

Zhuhai Department Store is a place for shopping and tasting delicious snacks. Many common brands are available here. The goods on the third floor are often on sale, sports articles are sold on the fourth floor, and the top floor holds many gourmet shops.

  • Tel: 0756-3330501
  • Address: No.222, Jida Jingshan Road, Xianghzhou District (香洲区吉大景山路222号)

Tax-Free Shopping Mall 珠海免税商场

  • Address: No.220, Jingshan Road, Jida, Xiangzhou District (香洲区吉大景山路220号)
  • Tel: 0756-3334492

Wanjia Department Store 华润万家

  • Address: International Mansion, No.1019, South Yingbin Road, Gongbei Area, Xiangzhou District (香洲区拱北迎宾南路1019号国际大厦)

Yingbin Commercial Plaza 迎宾百货广场

  • Address: No.1144, Yingbin Road (South), Gongbei Area, Xiangzhou District (香洲区拱北迎宾南路1144号)
  • Tel: 0756-8888230

South Yingbin Road Commercial Area

Extending from South Yingbin Road to Gongbei Port Square, this is one of the most flourishing commercial areas in Zhuhai.

Lianhua Road Commercial Area 莲花路商业街

This is a traditional pedestrian commercial street in Lianhua Road, Xiangzhou District (香洲区莲花路) Zhuhai and an ideal place for shopping, sightseeing and relaxing.

Jingshan Road Commercial Area 景山路商业街

There is a series of huge shopping malls, department stores and supermarkets on both sides of Jingshan Road (景山路), and they are arranged in a modern style, selling various commodities.

New Seven-Star Department Store 新七星百货

  • Address: Yixian Road, Qianshan Area, Xiangzhou District (香洲区前山逸仙路)
  • Tel: 0756-8631062

Minghe Department Store 明和百货

  • Address: No.1118, South Fenghuang Road, Xiangzhou District (香洲区香洲凤凰南路1118号)
  • Tel: 0756-2126661

Maoye Department Store 茂业百货

  • Address: 1-3 F, No.301, Zijing Road, Xiangzhou District (香洲区香洲紫荆路301号1-3楼)
  • Tel: 0756-2129888

For Food

Farm Products Market

The Farm Products Market is scattered in residential quarters. The market opens early in the morning and closes late in the evening. Seafood, vegetables, flowers and various kinds of special local products are on sale at the market, which provides a very convenient place for inhabitants to buy daily necessities.

Wanzai Seafood and Dried-food Market

Wanzai Seafood and Dried-food Market is located near Wanzai Port, facing Macau across the ocean. The market sells aquatic products and native special products, such as sea horse, starfish, sea urchin, sea cucumber, sea snake, blood clam, oyster, crab, shark's fin and white bait.

For Building Materials, Home Decorations and Furniture

Shibang House Decoration Plaza 世邦装饰广场

Shibang House Decoration Plaza is the largest market for building materials, home decorations and furniture. Many brands can be found here and customers can enjoy shopping in a well decorative plaza. Remember to bargain.

  • Address: Qianshan Road, Qianshan Area, Xiangzhou District (香洲区前山前山路)

Book Stores

Wenhua Book Store 文华书城

  • Address: the B1 Floor of Wanjia Department Store, No.1019, South Yingbin Road, Gongbei Area, Xiangzhou District (香洲区拱北迎宾南路1019号万佳百货B1层)
  • Tel: 9756-8110575

Xinhua Boor Store 新华书店

  • Address: No.36, Jingle Road, Jida Area, Xiangzhou District (香洲区吉大景乐路36号)
  • Tel: 0756-3358951

Questions and Answers About Zhuhai Shopping

Joyce Lim 2014-04-08
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Hi, where can l make nice and cheap roman blind please? Those folded blind when u pull up the curtain, with black out curtain being sew behind. Thanks..
Dear Joyce Lim, You could go to these places to find the curtain that you need. 1. Zhongda Cloth Market 中大布场:it is the largest distributing center for cloth in Guangzhou now. Cloth, knitting wool and garment ornaments in all grades are all available there. The goods there feature affordable, complete and fashionable, and the market is really popular in Guangzhou. Address: Ruikang Road, Guangzhou, China (广州市瑞康路) 2. Tianxiong Textile Village 天雄纺织城:it is a large terminal market for all kinds of cloth, including knitting, chemical fiber, cotton weaving, linen, and silk made in home and abroad. Even leather and garment ornaments are also available there. It is a prosperous market gathering more than 700 enterprises. Address: Dechang Road, South of Guanghzou Avenue, Guangzhou (广州市广州大道南德昌路) Lussie Lu replied on 2014-04-10
Sally Mcintosh 2013-10-22
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Hi I am emailing from NZ i will be staying in Zhu Hai for 2 weeks in 12th Nov. Is it possible to buy shoes that are bigger? would like bigger shoes about 39.

Dear Sally,

The shoes about 39 is a very commend size in China. You are suggested to go to Tongda Shoes Market (In Chinese: 通大鞋城) for shoes options. The address is NO. 134 Zijin Road, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai (In Chinese: 香洲区紫荆路134号). Good luck.


Nancy Deng replied on 2013-10-22
Roy Tan 2013-09-24
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Hi! Do you know where I can buy Nexus 7 tablet (wifi 16gb) in Zhuhai with original warranty? Please reply urgently. Thanks. Regards, Roy

Hi Roy, we are travel agent so don't have the information you want. Maybe you can post your question to tripadvisor.com to see if anyone can help you.

Simon Huang replied on 2013-09-24
Chander 2013-09-16
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We have Indian passports. Can we get visa on arrival,as we plan to enter Zhuhai from Macau.

Dear Chander

This is Christy from China Highlights Travel. You also need to apply China Visa in advance. 
Please see here for more details:http://www.chinahighlights.com/travelguide/visa-application/
Christy Luo replied on 2013-09-17
Sam 2013-08-23
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hi Lynn, any 7/11 or K-Circle in Zhuhai?

There are  7/11 shops in Zhuhai,but never heard about K-circle

Lily Guo replied on 2013-08-24
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